Julian Sands warned about mountain climbing risks before disappearing on a hiking trip

Julian Sands

Actor Julian Sands, who went missing during a hike in January, had previously spoken about the dangers of mountain climbing in an interview. Recently, authorities discovered his body near Mount Baldy in California.

According to Variety, Sands discussed the “dangerous” nature of mountain climbing and how it can provide solace and self-affirmation in one of his last interviews with Radio Times magazine. He believed that climbing mountains requires dedication and focus, and without these, it can become more dangerous and discouraging.

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Sands also shared his experiences of encountering spooky and potentially life-threatening situations in the mountains. He mentioned the presence of “big nature” and the power it holds, referring to instances where climbers have lost their lives in the Eiger and Andes Mountains.

Despite the risks involved, Sands was passionate about mountaineering. In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, he recounted a dangerous storm he endured with fellow climbers in the Andes Mountains in the 1990s, where some individuals tragically lost their lives.

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In the Radio Times interview, Sands expressed his reluctance to give up climbing, even as many of his friends retired from the sport due to climate change and age-related concerns.

Sands, known for his role in “A Room With a View,” was last seen hiking in the Baldy Bowl area of Mount Baldy. In late June, human remains were discovered on a trail near Mount Baldy, and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department confirmed they belonged to Sands.

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The tragic discovery brings to light the risks associated with mountain climbing and serves as a reminder of the importance of safety precautions when engaging in outdoor activities. Sands’ words about the dangers of the sport now take on a poignant significance in light of his own fate.