A Moment in Young Sheldon Season 5 We Wish Didn’t Happen

Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon Season 5 Ends with Unpleasant Zit Scene

In the popular TV series “Young Sheldon,” we’ve witnessed many funny and dramatic moments from Sheldon’s unusual childhood. From adventures with his twin sister to lessons from his college professors, Sheldon’s journey through adolescence is anything but ordinary. However, in the Season 5 finale, there’s a scene that stands out for all the wrong reasons – when Sheldon develops a huge pimple with a larger-than-life personality.

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The finale explores Sheldon’s transition into his teenage years, a period that fans find particularly irritating. Unfortunately, amidst the exciting storylines, we’re taken on a detour that revolves around Sheldon’s awkward puberty phase. The scene features a personified version of his unsightly blemish, brought to life by Penn & Teller, but it’s a sequence that could have been skipped.

As Sheldon’s parents search for new jobs and his brother worries about providing for his growing family, Sheldon becomes fixated on his own concerns of growing up. While his exaggerated reactions and self-centered behavior are in line with his character, the pus-filled sequences add little value to the overall story.

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The Finale Misses an Opportunity with Iconic Guest Stars

It’s exciting to see Penn Jillette and Teller, the renowned magician duo, making an appearance on “Young Sheldon.” They play the personified versions of the pimple, A.V. (acne vulgaris), and Pus, respectively. However, their presence in the episode is overshadowed by the repulsive nature of the scenes. It’s a missed opportunity to fully capitalize on their comedic talents.

Teller’s appearance is even more significant as he joins the ranks of “The Big Bang Theory” alumni who have made appearances in the spin-off series. Having previously played Amy’s father, Larry Fowler, Teller brings his silent comedic style to the role of Pus. Unfortunately, the portrayal of the pimple and its eventual dissolution into white slime may not sit well with viewers.

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While the presence of the zit does lead to some character growth for Sheldon as he seeks advice from his professors and confides in his sister Missy, these heartfelt moments could have been achieved without the need for the personified depiction of an unpleasant shared experience. Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” know that Sheldon eventually achieves his dreams and finds a loving circle of friends, and this episode could have focused more on that positive message.

In the end, the Season 5 finale of “Young Sheldon” could have delivered a more enjoyable and meaningful episode without the inclusion of the zit scene.