Actor John Amos, known for ‘Roots,’ reportedly targeted in elder abuse incident

John Amos

Actor John Amos, famous for his roles in the TV shows “Good Times” and “Roots,” is reportedly a victim of elder abuse, according to a report from People Magazine. The 83-year-old actor has been in the hospital in Memphis, Tennessee since last month, and the investigation into his case is being conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. It was John Amos’s daughter who raised concerns about her father’s well-being, leading to the investigation.

In a news release obtained by the magazine, the agency expressed its support for John Amos, calling him a beloved member of the community. The sheriff’s office stated that they take allegations of crimes very seriously and confirmed that an allegation had been made regarding John Amos potentially being a victim of a crime. The Custer County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a thorough investigation into the matter in collaboration with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Human Services. They have also been in contact with John Amos and his attorney throughout the process.

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Shannon Amos, John Amos’s daughter, shared her concerns about her father’s care in an Instagram post. She revealed that on May 14th, she received a distressing call from her father informing her that he was hospitalized in Memphis and experiencing immense pain. Despite being out of the country, she immediately arranged for assistance to reach him. The intensive care unit revealed the severity of his condition, and Shannon expressed that their world had been shattered. She claimed that her father had become a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation. She is determined to seek justice and is collaborating with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and local authorities to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable. Shannon emphasized the importance of legal assistance in prosecuting those responsible and safeguarding her father’s future. She mentioned that his home had been stripped bare, necessitating a safe environment for his return.

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In her post, Shannon Amos also appealed for funds to support her father’s ongoing care. She acknowledged the cruelty of the situation but remained hopeful. She stated that every donation would be directed to a trust fund dedicated to her father’s care, legal fees, and aftercare. She urged people to help them win this battle, send love, and restore hope for the day when they can dance together again. The Amos family deeply appreciates the support they receive and remains united in their belief that justice and healing will ultimately prevail.

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The situation surrounding John Amos is concerning, and it highlights the importance of protecting the well-being and rights of older individuals. Elder abuse is a serious issue that deserves attention and action from authorities and communities alike.