Adele Forgot The Lyrics to One of Her Songs at Las Vegas Show: Watch


Adele, the internationally renowned singer, had a relatable moment during one of her Las Vegas shows when she forgot the lyrics to one of her own songs. Unlike the average person, her slip-up happened on stage in front of a live audience during her Weekends with Adele residency at The Colosseum in Las Vegas.

A fan captured the incident on video and shared it on social media, causing a buzz among Adele’s fans. In the clip, Adele stumbled on a line and immediately halted the music, admitting, “I forgot the f lyrics.” The crowd erupted in laughter, and Adele joined in on the fun, exclaiming, “Bloody hell, $50 dollars that cost me last night.”

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Despite the hiccup, the atmosphere remained lively and upbeat. Adele quickly regrouped and said, “Alright, let’s reset and start that one again, shall we?”

The song that tripped her up was “I Drink Wine,” a memorable track that achieved success in Adele’s home country, the UK, reaching No. 4 on the Official U.K. Singles Chart. It also made an impact on Australia’s ARIA Chart, entering the top 10, and even reached No. 18 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The song is part of her highly successful album “30,” which dominated charts and claimed the top spot on the IFPI’s year-end lists in 2022. It secured the No. 1 .It reached the number one spot on the Global Album All Format Chart, the Global Album Sales Chart, and made history as the first-ever top-ranking album on the Global Vinyl Album Chart.

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Aside from her lyrical slip-up, Adele is known for her candid and humorous nature on stage. In another recent performance, she surprised the crowd by sharing a personal medical diagnosis. Adele revealed that she suffers from excessive sweating and jokingly referred to a condition called jock itch, a fungal infection. She lightheartedly discussed how her doctor prescribed jock itch cream to manage the situation, highlighting the unexpected challenges she faces despite her stardom.

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Adele’s Las Vegas residency is scheduled to run until November 4, giving fans ample opportunities to witness her captivating performances. While occasional mishaps and candid revelations may occur, Adele’s talent, charm, and ability to connect with her audience continue to make her shows unforgettable experiences.