Alan Ruck from ‘Succession’ Believes Connor and Willa’s Relationship Is in Trouble

Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck, known for his role as Connor Roy on the hit series Succession, recently shared his experience with the show’s finale. Over the past five years, Ruck would eagerly watch new episodes of Succession as they aired on Sunday nights. However, when it came time for the series finale last weekend, he found himself unable to watch it.

Ruck explained that there were some family matters going on, and it was late by the time he had a chance to sit down and watch the finale. He decided to postpone watching it, not wanting to rush through such an important episode. Instead, he waited until the next morning and turned it on around 8 a.m. Little did he know that the finale would leave a lasting impact on him throughout the day.

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Reflecting on his experience, Ruck expressed his admiration for creator Jesse Armstrong and the show’s writers, stating that they did a beautiful job in wrapping up the story in a way that made perfect sense and honored the spirit of the show. While he acknowledged that there was no happy ending, except perhaps for Tom, Ruck found that the finale left him feeling the blues for most of the day.

In the final episode, Ruck’s character, Connor Roy, makes an appearance in one scene. He is seen administering the “Great Reallocation” at his late father’s townhouse, a property he acquired from Marcia for a staggering $63 million. With the possibility of an ambassadorship to Slovenia on the table, Connor and his new wife, Willa, contemplate a “long-distance thing” to add a new dimension to their relationship.

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Ruck shared his doubts about the future of Connor and Willa’s arrangement, pointing to the overarching theme of Succession that people don’t change. He believed this to be true for the characters in the show as well. While Connor and Willa had a sweet and equal partnership for a brief moment, Ruck felt that Willa was growing increasingly apprehensive about their future together.

According to Ruck, Willa may be thinking, “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this guy, we’re going to Slovenia, I don’t want to go to Slovenia, I want to do my plays.” In contrast, Connor had relied on her support and expected her to join him. Ruck speculated that without Willa, Connor would become a mess. He questioned whether Connor would last long in Slovenia if Willa didn’t visit him frequently.

On the other hand, if Jeryd Mencken failed to become president and Connor stayed in New York all the time, Ruck believed it would likely drive Willa crazy. Considering these factors, Ruck confessed that he wasn’t optimistic about their future. He expressed his disappointment because he would have loved to see the couple enjoying their unique cow-print couch, an item that symbolized their relationship.

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In conclusion, Alan Ruck shared his emotional journey with the Succession series finale. Although he couldn’t bring himself to watch it immediately, he eventually experienced a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the day. Ruck praised the show’s creators for their excellent storytelling and felt that the finale stayed true to the show’s spirit. Regarding Connor and Willa’s future, he had concerns based on the show’s underlying theme that people don’t change. Despite his reservations, Ruck appreciated the opportunity to portray the complexities of their relationship on screen.