Alec Baldwin finishes filming ‘Rust’ after almost 18 months since the tragic cinematographer shooting.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, the renowned actor, has recently concluded filming on the set of the movie “Rust” after a tumultuous 18-month period following the tragic shooting incident involving cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

In a recent Instagram post, the 65-year-old Baldwin shared a selfie revealing that he had shaved off his character’s facial hair from the Western film. Expressing his relief, he captioned the photo, “God, it felt good to shave off that beard…”

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Baldwin also reposted an Instagram Story from Patrick Scott McDermott, the actor who played his on-screen son Lucas. McDermott wrote, “Alec’s last day. I’ll miss you,” accompanied by a photo of the two sharing a warm embrace.

Baldwin’s return to the “Rust” set in Montana earlier this year was amidst ongoing legal issues. The plans to resume filming were outlined by Matthew Hutchins, the widower of Halyna Hutchins, in a proposed settlement for a wrongful death lawsuit. As part of the settlement, Hutchins would become an executive producer on a rebooted version of “Rust.”

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Ted Spaulding, the founder of Spaulding Injury Law based in Atlanta, stated that the production of the film would have continued regardless of whether Baldwin’s charges were dropped or not. According to Spaulding, the production of “Rust” was already progressing before the charges were dismissed.

The tragic incident occurred during a rehearsal for the Western film in October 2021. Baldwin, who was also a producer on the film, was pointing a pistol at Hutchins when the gun unexpectedly discharged, resulting in Hutchins’ death and director Joel Souza’s injury. Baldwin has maintained that the gun fired accidentally and that he did not intentionally pull the trigger. However, an FBI forensic report indicated that the weapon could not have been fired unless the trigger was pulled.

Initially, New Mexico prosecutors pursued involuntary manslaughter charges against Baldwin and the film’s weapons supervisor, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. However, last month, the charges against Baldwin were dropped, and both Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors filed a nolle prosequi on April 21, dismissing the criminal case against Baldwin without prejudice. They stated that further investigation and forensic analysis were required due to new facts that had emerged. The investigation into the incident remains active and ongoing, according to prosecutors.

The tragic shooting on the set of “Rust” sparked discussions and debates regarding firearm safety in the film industry. It prompted a reevaluation of protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of cast and crew members during productions involving firearms.

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As Baldwin wraps up his time on the set of “Rust,” the industry continues to grapple with the aftermath of the incident, seeking ways to prevent similar tragedies in the future. The focus remains on enhancing safety measures and promoting a culture of responsibility and awareness on film sets across the globe.