Amy Schumer’s Response to ‘Barbie’ Movie After Leaving Previous Project

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer, the well-known comedian and actress, was once considered for a prominent role in a Barbie movie project. However, she later decided to step away from the film, and in 2017, she left the then-Diablo Cody scripted project. Despite her departure, she recently revisited the world of Barbies, not as a cast member this time, but as an audience member. After watching the new Barbie movie, she took to social media to share her thoughts on the film.

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The actress went for a double feature, watching both the Barbie movie and another film titled Oppenheimer (also humorously referred to as Barbenheimer). After the movie-watching experience, she shared a photo on her Instagram account. In the picture, she’s sporting an oversized straw hat and peering over rosy pink sunglasses, giving a relaxed and playful vibe. She humorously commented on the films, jokingly saying, “Really enjoyed Barbie and Oppenheimer but I think I should have played Emily Blunts role. Do better Hollywood.”

Back in June, during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Schumer expressed her excitement for the Barbie movie, stating that she “couldn’t wait” to see it and that she thought it looked awesome. This was a surprising turn of events considering her departure from the project a few years prior.

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In 2016, Schumer was originally cast as Barbie, but in 2017, she announced her departure from the film, citing “scheduling conflicts” as the reason. However, during her chat with Andy Cohen, she revealed that the real reason was “creative differences.” She explained that the new team behind the movie had a different approach, and it appeared to be more feminist and cool, so she was interested in watching it.

Schumer had her vision for the character of Barbie as an “inventor,” but the studio had a different idea in mind. They wanted Barbie’s invention to be a shoe made of gelatin. Schumer found this concept limiting and felt it perpetuated stereotypical ideas about what women should want. She wanted Barbie to break free from traditional norms and become a more empowering character, but the studio’s vision did not align with hers.

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In 2019, Margot Robbie was officially confirmed to have joined the cast as Barbie, and the film continued without Schumer. Despite the creative differences, Schumer seems content with the outcome of the movie and praises its success. The film opened with an impressive $155 million box office, indicating that Barbie’s allure remains strong regardless of who portrays the iconic doll.

In the end, life in plastic remains fantastic for Barbie, and Schumer’s comedic take on her movie experience adds a humorous touch to the tale of her almost journey into Barbie’s world.