Andy Cohen shares his daughter’s birth through surrogacy, one of the early instances in New York

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen, the popular TV personality, made history in New York with the birth of his daughter.

In a recent interview on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, Cohen revealed that his one-year-old daughter, Lucy, was one of the first children to be born through gestational surrogacy in the state of New York.

Gestational surrogacy is a procedure where the surrogate mother carries a baby conceived using the intended parents’ genetic material but not her own. In New York, this practice was previously illegal until the passage of the Child-Parent Security Act in February 2021, which legalized gestational surrogacy, according to the New York Department of Health.

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During the interview, Cohen credited his efforts in advocating for surrogacy rights and expressed gratitude to Governor Andrew Cuomo for his role in making it happen.

Cohen also explained that the desire to have his baby born in New York and his involvement in the surrogacy law reform contributed to the three-year age difference between his two children, Lucy and his son, Benjamin. Cohen’s son was also born through surrogacy.

“I went to Albany a couple of times, and I was out there trying to get (the law) passed,” Cohen shared. “I wanted my surrogate to have the baby in New York, and so Lucy was one of the first surrogate babies born here.”

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He added that the age gap allowed him to gain experience and become more confident in his role as a father.

In April 2022, Cohen welcomed his daughter Lucy into the world. He expressed his gratitude on Instagram, acknowledging the incredible work of his surrogate and all the people involved in making the miracle of her birth possible.

Balancing fatherhood with his demanding career has been a challenge for Cohen. In a previous interview, he admitted that he sometimes feels a race against his own capabilities and worries about maintaining his health and avoiding a nervous breakdown.

Cohen believes that sharing his parenting experiences can help others feel seen and understood. He wants other parents to know that he faces similar challenges and struggles, just like anyone else.

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He hopes that his new book, which delves into his experiences as a father, will resonate with readers and make them feel less alone in their own parenting journeys.

“People could look at my life and think, ‘Oh, this guy must just have this wonderful, drama-free life.’ And I think you read the book and you see, look, I’m dealing with everything you’re dealing with,” Cohen explained.

Andy Cohen’s story highlights the progress made in surrogacy rights in New York and his dedication to advocating for change. His journey as a father and his openness about the joys and challenges of parenthood serve as an inspiration to others navigating their own paths of family building and raising children.