Anita Baker removes Babyface from ‘The Songstress Tour’ due to “cyberbullying she silently endured”

Anita Baker has decided to continue her tour, called The Songstress Tour, on her own without Babyface as a guest performer. She made this announcement due to experiencing cyberbullying from Babyface’s fans.

In a tweet, Anita expressed that she had silently endured cyberbullying, verbal abuse, and threats of violence from Babyface’s fan base. To ensure her personal safety, she decided to proceed with the tour alone. She also mentioned that appropriate refunds will be given to fans who were expecting to see Babyface. She ended her tweet with blessings.

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Babyface responded with his own statement, expressing his sadness about the situation. He stated that he found it unfortunate and disheartening how things had unfolded on social media. He expressed his love and respect for Anita and wished her the best for the rest of her tour.

The issue began on May 10 when Babyface took to Twitter to announce that he would not be performing with Anita, even though he had previously confirmed his appearance. He apologized to his fans who were eagerly waiting for the show, explaining that he was asked not to perform to give Anita the space and time to complete her entire show. He and his band were deeply saddened that they couldn’t perform that night.

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However, some of Babyface’s fans were unhappy with the sudden change and started attacking Anita online. In response to the cyberbullying, Anita tweeted about the online bullies, referring to them as “Kenny’s Crazies” and requesting Babyface to intervene and stop his fans’ behavior. She reminded him that she had been kind and supportive of him as the special guest on her tour.

Later, Anita posted another tweet to clarify the situation, stating that Babyface was actually a supporting act, not a co-headliner, as some fans believed. She explained that a false narrative had created unrealistic expectations and aggression from Babyface’s fans towards her. Anita urged Babyface to tell his fans the truth.

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The conflict between Anita Baker and Babyface highlights the challenges faced in the music industry and the impact of social media on artists. Despite the difficulties, Anita remains committed to providing an enjoyable experience for her fans during The Songstress Tour.