Ariana Richards recreates iconic jello scene from Jurassic Park

Ariana Richards

Former Jurassic Park star Ariana Richards is bringing back a beloved scene from the iconic film in a fun and nostalgic TikTok video. Richards, known for her role as Lex Murphy in the dinosaur-filled thriller, recreated the famous jello scene that has become a memorable moment for fans. The video, which was shared on TikTok, shows Richards holding a spoonful of jello while trembling as if she has just spotted a dinosaur on the loose. The scene instantly evokes a sense of nostalgia for viewers who remember the original Jurassic Park film.

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The recreation of the jello scene came in response to a challenge issued by the official Jurassic World TikTok account. The challenge invited fans to recreate the iconic jello moment at home. Richards enthusiastically decided to join in on the fun and created a video that she described in the caption as “a duet 30 years in the making.” Her participation in the challenge delighted fans and brought back cherished memories of her role as Lex Murphy.

While Ariana Richards is not the first Jurassic Park cast member to embrace nostalgia, her recreation of the jello scene adds another layer of joy for fans. In 2020, Jeff Goldblum, who portrayed Dr. Ian Malcolm in the original film, promised to recreate a classic Malcolm moment if 1000 people registered to vote. True to his word, Goldblum, along with co-stars Sam Neil and Laura Dern, reenacted the famous “Chaos Theory” scene in a video that delighted fans.

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Although Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neil have reprised their roles in the Jurassic Park franchise in subsequent films, Ariana Richards’ character, Lex Murphy, has only made a brief cameo appearance in the 1997 sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. After her breakout role in Jurassic Park at the age of 13, Richards continued to pursue acting, appearing in projects such as Boy Meets World and Tremors 3: Back to Perfection. However, she later shifted her focus to her career as a painter.

The Jurassic World franchise, which recently concluded its second trilogy with the film Jurassic World: Dominion, continues to captivate audiences. Director Colin Trevorrow has hinted at the possibility of more films, promising that there is “more to come” from the characters and storylines established in Jurassic World: Dominion. With six movies already released and a dedicated fan base, the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World series have become a beloved and enduring part of cinematic history.

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Ariana Richards’ recreation of the jello scene serves as a delightful reminder of the impact and lasting legacy of Jurassic Park. It not only brings joy to fans but also highlights the enduring appeal of the beloved film, even decades after its initial release. As fans eagerly await the future of the Jurassic Park franchise, they can continue to cherish the memories and iconic moments that have made it a beloved part of pop culture.