Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Message with Fans as FUBAR Achieves Netflix Milestone

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his blockbuster movies and political career, has recently achieved success with his Netflix original series, FUBAR. As the show reaches an important streaming milestone, Schwarzenegger takes the opportunity to express his gratitude to the cast, crew, and fans.

FUBAR has become the number one series on Netflix, a fact that Schwarzenegger proudly shares on his Instagram. In a heartfelt message, the iconic actor expresses his thanks for the growing audience and the positive reception of the episodic action/adventure series.

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Schwarzenegger’s dedication and hard work on the set of FUBAR have paid off, as the show’s unique blend of comedy and spy action, reminiscent of his classic film True Lies, has captivated viewers. What’s even more impressive is that FUBAR has reached the top spot on Netflix’s charts within a remarkably short period of time.

Considering that the series has only been available on the streaming platform for less than a week, achieving such a high ranking indicates a promising future for FUBAR. It suggests that a significant number of subscribers have already binged the entire series, potentially meeting Netflix’s 28-day viewership rule.

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Furthermore, FUBAR is not the only Schwarzenegger title available on Netflix. In the photo accompanying Schwarzenegger’s post, fans can spot other films from “The Arnold Collection,” including Kindergarten Cop and Conan the Barbarian. Additionally, a new docuseries titled Arnold is set to hit the Netflix library on June 7th, riding the wave of Schwarzenegger’s popularity.

The success of FUBAR on Netflix bodes well for a potential Season 2 announcement. When a series receives such overwhelming support from the Netflix subscriber base, a renewal becomes a realistic possibility. Similar fan-driven success stories have led to the revival of shows like The Night Agent for a second season after their debut on the 2023 TV schedule.

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Schwarzenegger, often referred to as Netflix’s “Chief Action Officer,” demonstrates his gratitude and humble nature in his social media message. He appreciates the opportunity to connect with viewers through the platform and hopes to further strengthen his relationship with Netflix as a studio partner.

For now, fans can enjoy the explosive comedy of FUBAR by streaming all eight episodes on Netflix. And for those seeking more Schwarzenegger content, the upcoming docuseries Arnold, set to be released on June 7th, promises to provide a different perspective on the iconic actor. As always, Schwarzenegger’s larger-than-life personality and colorful presence shine through, ensuring an entertaining experience for audiences.