Babyface discusses working with Whitney Houston in an interview with Jalen Rose.


Babyface, a renowned producer and songwriter, reflects on his experiences collaborating with legendary musicians. He shares insights into his work with Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, and Usher, highlighting their unique approaches and talents.

During his time recording with Whitney Houston, Babyface recalls how she preferred to focus on getting the job done efficiently rather than spending too much time in the studio. If she wasn’t feeling her best, she would postpone recording for another day. Babyface respected her approach and appreciated the fun they had working together.

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Beyoncé, known for her serious dedication to her craft, brought a similar mindset to her recording sessions. She would come prepared and sing the songs precisely as planned, similar to the way Aretha Franklin would approach her performances. Babyface admired her professionalism and commitment to her music.

When Babyface first encountered Usher as a young talent, he recognized his potential for greatness. Usher’s charm and confidence were evident during a private performance for Babyface’s record label. Despite his age, Usher captivated everyone in the room. Babyface knew then that Usher had something special, although it took time for him to fully develop into the superstar he is today.

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While Babyface has worked with contemporary artists like Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars, he acknowledges that the music industry has changed. The fast-paced nature of the industry leaves little time for artists to grow and develop their skills. Nowadays, artists release records and singles immediately without the same level of training and practice that was prevalent in the past.

Babyface acknowledges the prevalence of “cookie cutter” hits, but he believes it’s important to keep an open mind. He recognizes that these songs resonate with younger listeners and have their own appeal. Music evolves, and different generations appreciate music in their own unique ways.

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In conclusion, Babyface shares his experiences working with musical legends like Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, and Usher. He reflects on their individual approaches and recognizes the changing landscape of the music industry. Despite the challenges, he remains open-minded and appreciates the impact music has on different generations.