“Barry” Season 4: Who Survives and Who Doesn’t?


Editor’s note: The following contains major spoilers for the Season 4 finale of the TV show Barry.

The popular dark comedy series Barry, created by Bill Hader and Alec Berg, has come to an end with its Season 4 finale. The finale not only marks the end of the series but also the fate of its main characters, including assassins, mobsters, and Hollywood figures. Over the years, Barry has evolved into more of a drama, delving into themes of show business, violence, and personal transformation. The final episode brings all these themes together, resulting in some characters exiting the stage for good. Here is what happens to the main cast:

1. Barry Berkman: DEAD Barry, unable to escape his violent past and military mindset, continues down a path of violence and evasion of accountability. Despite several attempts to leave his criminal life behind, he fails to take responsibility for his actions. In the finale, after narrowly escaping death, Barry contemplates turning himself in but ultimately chooses to run. However, his former acting teacher, Gene Cousineau, shoots and kills him, ending Barry’s journey of violence.

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2. Monroe Fuches: ALIVE Fuches, armed and ready for a confrontation, arrives at a location with Hank. During a heartfelt conversation, Fuches reflects on his past actions and admits his wrongdoing. He offers Hank a chance to confess to his own misdeeds, but Hank initially hesitates and then shoots Fuches. In a surprising twist, Fuches protects John, a child caught in the crossfire, and leaves the scene. He watches Barry from a distance before disappearing into the night.

3. Sally Reed: ALIVE Sally, having realized that Barry won’t change, decides to leave Los Angeles to protect herself and her son, John. Before leaving, she confesses the truth about her and Barry’s pasts to John and takes responsibility for her actions. Although she survives, Sally’s future remains uncertain, and she appears distant and detached in later years.

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4. NoHo Hank: DEAD Hank experiences moments of self-reflection and understanding throughout the finale. He acknowledges Sally’s situation and the need for protection from dangerous men like Barry. However, Hank ultimately fails to confront his own violent tendencies and denies his true identity. After being shot, Hank clings to the statue of his deceased lover, Cristobal, before taking his final breath.

5. Gene Cousineau: ALIVE Gene, framed for a murder he did not commit, reaches a breaking point. He contemplates suicide but is interrupted by Barry, who offers to turn himself in. Gene, finally facing his own role in the events, makes the decision he failed to make earlier—he shoots Barry. However, it is revealed that Gene will serve a life sentence for the murders of Janice and Barry, as depicted in a revisionist film based on the events.

The finale of Barry takes a dark turn, highlighting the characters’ journeys of self-discovery and the consequences of their actions. It explores themes of accountability, ego, and the perpetuation of violence. Each character’s fate reflects their choices and the paths they have chosen throughout the series.

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