Bill Apter expresses offense over Lacey Evans using the Cobra Clutch in WWE

Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans, a WWE SmackDown Superstar, has caused controversy by using the Cobra Clutch maneuver in her matches. Wrestling journalist Bill Apter has expressed his offense at her using a move associated with Sgt. Slaughter. This debate has generated interest among fans and experts in the wrestling industry.

In January, Lacey Evans added the Cobra Clutch to her repertoire and featured it in a memorable “Operation Cobra Clutch” segment. She recently returned to SmackDown with a new military-inspired look, which led to online controversy as Sgt. Slaughter’s daughter accused her of copying her father’s persona.

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Bill Apter shared his thoughts on Lacey Evans using a move popularized by Sgt. Slaughter, expressing offense at the Cobra Clutch. He felt it was a rip-off and was bothered by that particular aspect.

In 2022, WWE attempted to transform Lacey Evans from a villain to a hero through interviews highlighting her military background. However, fan reactions quickly turned negative, making it challenging to establish her as a beloved character.

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Bill Apter mentioned that the recent makeover for Lacey Evans did not resonate with fans, despite the initial focus on her military background. The vignettes fell flat and failed to connect with the audience.

During a Money in the Bank qualifier match on SmackDown, Lacey Evans faced defeat against Vega. Reports suggested that WWE had planned promotional segments involving Sgt. Slaughter and Evans, but Sgt. Slaughter declined the opportunity. Fans are now curious about his reasons and the potential impact on Evans’ future in WWE.

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