Bill Hader shares Larry David’s belief that ‘Barry’ should have ended similarly to ‘Seinfeld’.

Bill Hader

Comedian and actor Bill Hader, the creator and star of the TV show Barry, recently shared an interesting conversation he had with Larry David, the creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In an exclusive clip from the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast, Hader revealed that Larry David expressed his opinion on the duration of Barry’s fourth and final season.

According to Hader, Larry David thought that Barry should have concluded after its third season. In the podcast, Hader imitated David’s voice and shared their conversation. David asked Hader if Barry was done, and Hader responded that they had a whole new season planned. However, David questioned the necessity of continuing the story, believing that it had already reached its natural conclusion.

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The third season of Barry ended with the main character, played by Bill Hader, being coerced into getting arrested for a murder. The fourth season begins with Barry in prison but later manages to escape. The current season takes place several years into the future, with Barry living in hiding alongside his wife Sally and their son John.

During the podcast, Matt Gourley, the producer and co-host, pointed out that Larry David’s own show, Seinfeld, had concluded with the main characters going to prison. Hader hadn’t considered this similarity before and found it interesting.

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As the fourth and final season of Barry approaches its end, there are still two episodes left to be aired. It remains uncertain whether Barry and his wife Sally will be caught and returned to prison or if they will manage to evade capture. Regardless, Larry David should definitely keep watching to find out how the series concludes.

Barry, known for its critical acclaim, has garnered a dedicated fan base throughout its run. The show has received praise for its dark humor, compelling storytelling, and the performances of its talented cast. With its unique blend of comedy and drama, Barry has captivated audiences and has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations.

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As fans eagerly anticipate the conclusion of Barry’s fourth season, the conversation between Bill Hader and Larry David adds an intriguing perspective on the show’s trajectory. Whether viewers agree with David’s sentiment that the series could have ended earlier or not, it’s clear that Barry has made a significant impact in the television landscape and will be remembered as a standout series in Hader’s career.