Bobby Lee became sober after being too high for And Just Like That scene with Sarah Jessica Parker

Bobby Lee and Sarah Jessica Parker

Bobby Lee, known for his role as Carrie’s podcasting partner Jackie Nee in the Sex and the City spin-off And Just Like That, revealed that his experience on the show led him to make a life-changing decision. During an appearance on Rachel Bilson’s podcast, Lee opened up about a particular scene with series star Sarah Jessica Parker that inspired him to get sober.

The incident occurred when Lee was in Hawaii, feeling relaxed and enjoying his time. Suddenly, his agent called and informed him that they needed him in New York to film the scene with Parker. However, Lee wasn’t prepared for the abrupt change in plans. Assuming he had more time, he indulged in a combination of alcohol and marijuana, consuming a staggering 600 mg of THC. By the time he arrived in New York, he was “blackout drunk” and in no state to film.

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As the reality of the situation dawned on him, panic set in. Instead of having time to prepare and rest in his hotel, Lee had to shoot the scene immediately upon landing. Feeling intoxicated and overwhelmed, he struggled to comprehend the script and deliver his lines coherently. Crossing a busy New York street alongside Sarah Jessica Parker became an arduous task in his inebriated state.

Lee described the experience as a nightmare. He couldn’t even remember the first line of the script, and the whole situation became a wake-up call for him. Realizing that his actions could have serious consequences for his career, he vowed to make a change.

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The incident served as a turning point for Bobby Lee. He acknowledged that he needed to address his issues with substance abuse and decided to enter rehab. The experience made him realize the importance of taking control of his life and seeking sobriety.

He admitted that his addiction had the potential to be a “career-ender,” and he didn’t want to risk losing such a significant opportunity on And Just Like That. Lee recognized that his disease was affecting not only his personal life but also his professional growth.

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The decision to get sober was a significant step for Bobby Lee. It marked a turning point in his life and career. He acknowledged that he needed to prioritize his well-being and overcome his struggles with addiction. By seeking help and making positive changes, he is now on a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Overall, Bobby Lee’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking help and support when facing challenges with substance abuse. It also highlights the resilience and determination needed to overcome personal obstacles and make positive changes for a better future.