Boxer Devin Haney Responds to Tom Holland’s Comments on His Last Fight, Brings Up Zendaya in Controversial Reply

Devin Haney

Devin Haney, a professional boxer, responded strongly to comments made by Hollywood star Tom Holland about his recent fight. Holland, known for his role as Spiderman, expressed his admiration for boxer Vasiliy Lomachenko and discussed the controversial decision in Haney’s victory over Lomachenko.

Haney’s win against Lomachenko was met with controversy, as many believed Lomachenko had performed better in the latter rounds. Despite being outstruck by Lomachenko, Haney was awarded a unanimous decision victory by the judges. Lomachenko’s fans and team saw this as a robbery and criticized the decision.

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During an appearance on the Jay Shetty podcast, Holland discussed the fight and the controversial decision. He acknowledged that Lomachenko was considered the winner by many and questioned whether a rematch would take place. Holland also compared boxing to UFC, suggesting that fighters in the UFC are more likely to have rematches if they desire.

Haney did not take Holland’s comments lightly and issued a fiery response. He cleverly brought up Holland’s rumored relationship with actress Zendaya and hinted at a personal connection with her. Haney’s reaction reflects the sensitivity surrounding his disputed victory over Lomachenko and suggests that he may not be interested in a rematch with the Ukrainian boxer.

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In a separate development, sports journalist Stephen A. Smith warned Haney about a potential matchup against Gervonta Davis, another prominent boxer. Smith emphasized Davis’ power and advised Haney to avoid a fight with him. Smith argued that Haney gets hit too much and that facing Davis would pose a significant challenge for him.

Despite being the current undisputed lightweight world champion, Haney may face resistance in pursuing a fight against Davis due to concerns about Davis’ punching power and the potential difficulties Haney could encounter.

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Overall, the controversy surrounding Haney’s victory over Lomachenko and his response to Holland’s comments, as well as the cautionary advice from Stephen A. Smith, highlight the intense and competitive nature of professional boxing and the strategic decisions that fighters must make in their careers.