Brian Cox acts similar to his character Logan Roy when discussing his exit from Succession.

Brian Cox

It has been six weeks since the release of the third episode of the fourth season of HBO’s Succession, titled “Connor’s Wedding.” In this episode, something significant happened that had a major impact on the show’s storyline and the life of its star, Brian Cox.

For those who might not be aware, “Connor’s Wedding” is the episode where Cox’s character, Logan Roy, the patriarch of the Roy family, unexpectedly passes away, causing a seismic shift in the Succession universe. Cox has finally broken his silence and opened up about his thoughts on this pivotal moment in an extensive interview with the BBC.

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Cox is quick to acknowledge the brilliance of the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, but he does express his personal belief that Logan’s demise may have come a bit too early. In his own words, Cox states, “He decided to make Logan die, I think ultimately too early.” He goes on to explain that Logan’s death occurs in the third episode, a scene he intentionally didn’t watch because he has no interest in witnessing his own death. Cox has a matter-of-fact perspective on mortality, believing that his own time will come soon enough.

Throughout the interview excerpts, Cox’s tone reflects a unique blend of pride and slight annoyance, much like his character on the show. It serves as a reminder that there’s a reason he was cast as a powerful and often cantankerous man who exudes a sense of pride and dignity. He admits that it felt odd to die in the series with seven episodes still remaining. Initially, he misinterpreted it as a form of rejection, feeling that all his hard work would end up with him as a New Yorker lying on an airplane’s carpet. However, he eventually came to terms with it and no longer views it as a personal affront.

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Cox takes a certain pride in witnessing the frenzy that ensued on the internet following his character’s death. He also recounts interactions with fans who have informed him that they won’t continue watching the show without him. He considers this reaction unfortunate and unnecessary since the essence of Succession lies in exploring the dynamics of power and succession within the Roy family. Cox acknowledges that he is not the writer of the show and encourages viewers to stay tuned to see what unfolds in the aftermath of Logan’s demise.

In summary, the episode “Connor’s Wedding” marked a significant turning point in the Succession narrative with the unexpected death of Logan Roy. Brian Cox, while initially feeling a sense of rejection, has come to terms with the impact of his character’s demise. He takes pride in the fervent discussions generated by the show and encourages viewers to continue watching to witness the consequences and developments within the Roy family’s power struggles.