Brie Larson Faces Deadline to Prove Haters Wrong as Iconic MCU Hero Reveals Avengers’ Reunion Date

Brie Larson

“Secret Invasion” is getting intense as the Disney Plus show keeps us guessing. Meanwhile, a Marvel star drops hints about his future in the MCU, and Brie Larson faces her critics.

Benedict Cumberbatch spills the beans about his Marvel projects
Oops, Benedict! During the press tour for “Avengers: Infinity War,” he was responsible for keeping Tom Holland from revealing too much. But now, he let slip that he’s filming his next Marvel Studios project next year. Not only that, he suggests there’s more than one “Marvel caper” coming in 2024. Looks like production is already in the works for “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” which is set to release in May 2025. At least this time, Cumberbatch didn’t lie to us.

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“The Marvels” may be Brie Larson’s chance to silence her critics
Despite being a successful star in the MCU, Brie Larson faces constant unwarranted hate from certain corners of the internet. Some fans also don’t feel a strong connection to her character, Captain Marvel. But with “The Marvels” coming in November, this is seen as her last opportunity to win everyone over and make Carol Danvers as beloved as Iron Man or Captain America. Although “Captain Marvel” grossed $1 billion in 2019, there’s still work to be done.

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“Secret Invasion” keeps us questioning what we see
The conspiracy thriller “Secret Invasion” plays with our minds as shapeshifting aliens make us doubt our own senses. Characters we expected to stick around are suddenly killed off, but hold on a second. Disney has released trailers featuring footage of supposedly dead characters that hasn’t been shown in the show yet. So are they really dead? “Secret Invasion” loves to make us question even the most obvious things.

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