Britt Cohen, Today Show host, surprises fans with announcement of her final day

Britt Cohen

Britt Cohen, a beloved host on the Today show, has announced her departure from the program as she prepares for her wedding to Aaron Warburton. The news came during Friday’s show, where Britt assured fans that she would be returning after her nuptials.

Host Sylvia Jeffreys made the announcement, describing it as Britt’s “last day before that happens.” Sylvia presented Britt with a large bouquet of flowers, symbolizing the end of her current chapter on the show.

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Britt clarified that while it was her final day at work for a couple of weeks, she fully intended to come back. However, she hinted at a potential change in her last name, as she expressed her excitement to try out the name “Warburton” after marrying her fiance Aaron.

The heartfelt moment was later shared by Britt on her Instagram, where she expressed gratitude and shared her joy with her followers. She posted a photo capturing the sweet moment and mentioned feeling the love that day. The picture showcased the beautiful flowers she received and the happiness radiating from her.

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In December of the previous year, Britt happily announced her engagement to Aaron, who holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at the NRL Bulldogs. Sharing their love and excitement with the world, Britt posted a picture on Instagram showing her and Aaron sharing a tender kiss. The photo also revealed Britt’s stunning emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, which dazzled her fans.

Britt’s journey on the Today show has been remarkable. Initially working behind the scenes as a producer for Today and Today Extra, she quickly gained popularity and transitioned into an on-air role. Her engaging interviews with Hollywood stars and coverage of red carpet events have made her a standout personality on the Channel Nine breakfast show.

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While Britt’s departure is temporary, fans can look forward to her return to the Today show after her wedding. Her talent, charm, and captivating presence have made her a beloved figure among viewers, and her upcoming marriage marks an exciting new chapter in her life.

As Britt embarks on this joyous journey, she carries with her the well-wishes and support of her fans who eagerly await her return.