Bryan Adams and Joan Jett rock the stage to kick off U.S. tour

Bryan Adams and Joan Jett

Bryan Adams and Joan Jett kicked off their highly anticipated U.S. tour in Baltimore with a high-energy rock ‘n’ roll extravaganza. The evening began with a playful video that declared Adams as the savior of rock ‘n’ roll, setting the stage for an electrifying performance. As the crowd eagerly awaited, Adams emerged in a burst of red light, launching into the energetic anthem “Kick Ass” from his latest album, “So Happy It Hurts.” While he may not be the actual savior of rock ‘n’ roll, Adams proved that he still deserves accolades for keeping the genre alive and thriving.

The CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore was buzzing with excitement as Adams, accompanied by his tight-knit band consisting of guitarist Keith Scott and drummer Mickey Curry, took the stage. Having already completed a series of successful shows in Asia and Europe earlier in the year, Adams and his band displayed a level of tightness and muscularity that can only come from consistent performing. Over the course of a 100-minute set, they treated the audience to a collection of well-known hits and a few newer tracks.

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Adams, dressed casually in dark pants and sneakers, roamed the stage while playing guitar, engaging with the crowd from every corner of the arena. He effortlessly delivered crowd favorites like “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” and led the audience in a fist-pumping sing-along to “Somebody.” The melodic punch and infectious energy of Adams’ arena anthems were as captivating as ever, proving that these songs have stood the test of time.

While Adams is often celebrated for his up-tempo rockers, he is equally revered for his heartfelt ballads. He did not disappoint in this regard, delivering soul-stirring renditions of “Please Forgive Me” and “Here I Am.” However, it was the unmistakable piano introduction to “Heaven” that ignited a wave of nostalgia and prompted an immediate sing-along from the crowd. Adams graciously allowed the audience to take the lead, but his own vocals soared with the warmth and gruffness that have become his signature.

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Surprisingly, one of the standout moments of the concert came during Adams’ performance of his 1991 mega-hit “(Everything I Do) I Do it For You.” Often associated with proms and weddings, this ballad has become a staple of romantic soundtracks. While some may dismiss it as treacly, Adams delivered a rendition that showcased his impressive vocal range and reminded everyone why the song became such a sensation. It was a beautiful moment that demonstrated the enduring power of Adams’ catalog.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, the exceptional openers for the tour, also brought their A-game to the stage. Jett, ageless and full of vigor at 64, captivated the crowd with her trademark rock ‘n’ roll spirit. The band kicked off their set with the new song “Shooting Into Space” from their recently released EP, “Mindsets,” setting an assertive tone for the night. Jett and her quartet of power rockers showcased their musical prowess by delivering a mix of new tracks and beloved classics.

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Jett’s gravelly voice and electrifying guitar skills were on full display as she tore through crowd favorites like “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)” and “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The audience couldn’t help but jump to their feet and join in the chorus of the timeless anthem. Jett also introduced the crowd to three other new tracks, including the catchy single “If You’re Blue.” As the set reached its climax, Jett and the Blackhearts rocked the stage with powerful renditions of “Crimson & Clover” and “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” leaving no doubt that Jett still possesses the same fire and bite that made her a rock icon.

The opening night of Bryan Adams and Joan Jett’s U.S. tour was a resounding success, setting the bar high for the upcoming shows. Adams proved that he is still a force to be reckoned with, delivering a mix of timeless hits and newer material that resonated with the audience. Jett and her Blackhearts showcased their enduring rock ‘n’ roll spirit, leaving no doubt that they are still a powerhouse on stage. Together, they ignited the passion and energy of rock ‘n’ roll, promising an unforgettable tour for fans across the country.