BTS Member and ‘Squid Game’ Actress to Star in NewJeans’ Music Video

V and NewJeans

Girl group NewJeans is creating quite a buzz as they prepare to release their next title track, “Cool With You.” Fans are particularly excited about the news of two global stars who are rumored to make appearances in the music video.

On the 17th, NewJeans’ agency, Adore, announced that the music video for “Cool With You” would be released on their official social media channel at midnight on the 20th. Adding to the anticipation, the agency teased that the video would have two versions, A and B, and would feature unexpected participation from two global stars.

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This announcement immediately sparked speculation among fans, with one netizen claiming to have heard from a restaurant owner in Madrid, Spain, that both NewJeans and BTS member V had visited the same restaurant for three consecutive days. Another netizen claimed to have spotted model and actress Jung Ho Yeon filming with NewJeans, leading to further rumors that V and Jung Ho Yeon are the two global stars making special appearances in the music video.

It’s worth noting that both V and NewJeans are part of the HYBE label, and there is already a connection between BTS and NewJeans. Prior to NewJeans’ debut, members Hanni and Minji had appeared in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” music video, further fueling excitement among fans.

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“Cool With You” is set to be one of the triple title tracks from NewJeans’ upcoming mini-album, “Get Up.” According to Adore, the song is based on a UK garage rhythm and showcases the members’ captivating vocals, making it a highly anticipated release.

The mini-album “Get Up” is scheduled for release on the 21st and will feature a total of six tracks, including the three title songs “Cool With You,” “Super Shy,” and “ETA.” The audio and music video for “Super Shy” were released on the 7th, while “ETA” was first presented at NewJeans’ recent fan meeting, Bunnies Camp.

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Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the “Cool With You” music video to see the two global stars in action. The news of their participation has generated significant attention and excitement in the K-pop community. With the release date fast approaching, fans are counting down the days to witness the collaboration between NewJeans and these international stars. It seems like “Cool With You” is all set to become a massive hit and propel NewJeans even further into the global spotlight.