Cara Delevingne says staying sober has been ‘totally worth it’

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne, the 30-year-old model, and actress, recently opened up about her road to sobriety. Last year, troubling photos of her looking disheveled after attending the Burning Man festival surfaced, leading her to check herself into rehab. In March, she publicly shared that she had been four months sober, and in a recent cover story with Elle UK, Cara revealed that her journey to sobriety has been “worth every second.”

While admitting that it hasn’t been an easy path, she emphasized that there hasn’t been a single moment where she questioned whether it was worth it. The challenges she faced were overshadowed by the sense of fulfillment and peace she gained along the way. Becoming sober has brought stability and a sense of calm to her life, making it a truly transformative experience.

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For a long time, Cara felt the weight of not being good enough, even amidst her skyrocketing fame. She admitted to hiding many aspects of herself from her admirers. But sobriety has unlocked a newfound sense of freedom, allowing her to be her true self, unapologetically and fully.

Part of the healing process can be attributed to her loving relationship with musician Leah Mason, also known as Minke. Cara spoke highly of her girlfriend, attributing much of her happiness and comfort to the wonderful bond they share. They have known each other for an impressive 20 years, but their romantic relationship blossomed last year when they were spotted sharing a passionate kiss during a holiday in Italy.

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The support and love from Leah have been pivotal in helping Cara overcome her struggles and find strength in her journey to sobriety. The sense of acceptance and understanding within their relationship has been a significant source of positivity for Cara.

Her story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, highlighting the transformative power of sobriety and finding supportive relationships. Cara’s honesty about her struggles and her journey to self-discovery resonates with many, and her positive transformation serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking inner peace and stability.

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In summary, Cara Delevingne’s journey to sobriety has been marked by self-discovery, acceptance, and growth. Her decision to confront her struggles and seek a better path has been a life-changing experience. With the unwavering support of her girlfriend Leah and her determination to embrace her true self, Cara’s story serves as a powerful reminder that the path to sobriety can lead to newfound freedom and happiness.