Carrie Bickmore reveals her new job

Carrie Bickmore

TV presenter Carrie Bickmore made an exciting announcement on Instagram. She shared that she had voiced a character in the latest episode of the popular Australian children’s show, Bluey. Bickmore expressed her joy and described it as a significant moment in her career and parenting journey.

To share her excitement with fans, Bickmore posted a video of her two daughters watching her brief appearance on the show. She expressed her thrill at being part of such an incredible program and even suggested that the character she voiced, “Terrier’s mum,” should become a regular character.

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Fans were equally thrilled by Carrie’s new venture. They eagerly commented on her post, expressing their excitement and requesting updates on the storyline involving Terrier’s mum and another character, Winston’s dad.

While her role in Bluey marks her return to television, Bickmore has also been exploring the world of radio. She co-hosts the drive show Carrie & Tommy on the Hit Network with her fellow The Project panellist, Tommy Little.

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In October 2022, Bickmore resigned from The Project to prioritize spending more time with her family. She described it as a difficult decision but felt it was time for a new challenge and the next chapter in her career.

She expressed her gratitude for the experiences she had on The Project, including working with her colleagues and the fulfilling nature of the job itself. Bickmore also mentioned how much she would miss the viewers who have supported her over the past 13 years.

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Overall, Carrie Bickmore’s announcement about her role in Bluey brought joy and excitement to her fans. It showcased her versatility as a presenter and her dedication to pursuing new opportunities in both television and radio.