Cassandra Blair Shares Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Jury Duty’

Cassandra Blair

The article talks about the Amazon Freevee series called “Jury Duty” and how the cast members, especially Cassandra Blair, who plays Vanessa, felt torn about their portrayals of certain characters. They were worried about taking it too far and potentially traumatizing someone. The executive producers, Nicholas Hatton and Cody Heller, guided the cast to focus on the message of the show and show the good in people, rather than making them look bad.

Despite the tension during filming, the cast developed strong friendships, and they remain close even after the series ended. They have a group chat and have playdates for their children. The experience was compared to being at summer camp, with everyone bonding through the process.

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During filming, the cast had to stay sequestered like jurors, but they found a way to spend time with their families secretly. They used two vans and clever logistics to make it work. Cassandra Blair’s character, Vanessa, even had authentic conversations with Ronald, another character, during filming.

The article also mentions that Cassandra Blair’s role in “Jury Duty” has made her eligible for an Emmy nomination, which is a significant achievement in her career.

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Moreover, the show “Jury Duty” taught Cassandra a valuable lesson about giving people a chance and accepting them for who they are. She mentions how Ronald’s friendship with Todd, who was initially portrayed as creepy, turned out to be a caring and genuine connection.

The article concludes by highlighting the positive message of the show, which reminds viewers that there are good people in the world who try to do the right thing and care for others. It encourages the audience to approach new people with an open mind and embrace them for who they are.

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In summary, the article discusses the behind-the-scenes experiences of the cast of “Jury Duty,” their concerns about the portrayals, the genuine friendships formed during filming, and the positive message conveyed by the show. Cassandra Blair’s reflections on the show’s impact and the lessons she learned make it a heartwarming read.