Cast of ‘Cheers’ comes together, unveils what was in Norm’s beer mug, surprises with Kirstie Alley’s gift

Cast of 'Cheers

The stars of the popular sitcom “Cheers” came together for a reunion event to commemorate 30 years since the show’s finale. Ted Danson, George Wendt, and John Ratzenberger, along with co-creators James Burrows and Les and Glen Charles, gathered at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas, to reminisce and share anecdotes about their time on the beloved series.

During the reunion, the cast members revealed interesting behind-the-scenes details and engaged in a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and camaraderie as they discussed various aspects of the show, including the iconic theme song and even some intimate details about Woody Harrelson’s bodily functions.

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The reunion evoked a sense of nostalgia for “Cheers,” which originally aired from 1982 to 1993 and spawned the successful spinoff series “Frasier,” which is set to be revived soon. As the script from the show’s pilot episode, titled “Give Me a Ring Sometime,” was read aloud, it became apparent how much time had passed since the show’s debut. The cast members reflected on the enduring appeal of “Cheers” and expressed their gratitude for the continued support from fans, especially considering the show’s initial low ratings.

The creators of “Cheers” revealed some interesting facts about the casting process. For instance, other actors were considered for the roles of Sam and Diane, but the undeniable chemistry between Ted Danson and Shelley Long made them the perfect choices. John Ratzenberger initially auditioned for the role of Norm but ended up playing Cliff, a character that was specifically developed with him in mind. Similarly, Woody Harrelson’s audition for the role of Woody Boyd seemed destined, as the creators were already working on a character named Woody and saw something special in Harrelson.

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The reunion also included heartfelt tributes and remembrances of cast members who were no longer with them. Ted Danson emotionally spoke about Kirstie Alley, who played Rebecca Howe on the show and passed away in December. He praised her portrayal of a woman on the edge and shared a humorous story about a shotgun gift they had given her.

The cast didn’t shy away from sharing some amusing and disgusting stories from their time on set. Ted Danson revealed that his decision to leave “Cheers” led him to a turning point in his personal life, ultimately leading him to meet his wife, Mary Steenburgen. He also shared some rather organic stories about Woody Harrelson’s vegetarian diet and the uncomfortable situations it caused on set.

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Additionally, the cast discussed the iconic beer-drinking scenes on the show. It was revealed that the mugs used on set were filled with non-alcoholic beer to avoid the cast members getting intoxicated during filming. However, the near beer was warm and looked flat, so a pinch of salt was added to create the appearance of a frothy head on the beer.

The “Cheers” reunion was a joyous and heartwarming event, celebrating the enduring legacy of the show and the bond between the cast members. It reminded fans of the show’s timeless humor and showcased the lasting impact it had on television history.