Chelsea Star Raheem Sterling Reveals Asake’s ‘Amapiano’ as His Favorite Song

Raheem Sterling

Chelsea midfielder Raheem Sterling has shared that his current favorite song is “Amapiano” by Nigerian singer Asake. In a video posted on Chelsea’s TikTok page, Sterling and his teammates were asked about the songs they are currently listening to. Sterling enthusiastically revealed that he has caught the “Amapiano fever” and mentioned “Amapiano” by Asake as his top choice.

Sterling’s love for “Amapiano” showcases his appreciation for Nigerian music and the influence it has globally. Asake’s hit song has resonated with Sterling, who is known for his love of music and often shares his musical preferences with fans.

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Joining Sterling in sharing their favorite songs were his teammates Reece James and Carney Chukwuemeka. James revealed that he is currently enjoying “Street Runner” by Rod Wave, while Chukwuemeka expressed his love for “Grateful” by Nigerian gospel artist Sinach. Their choices reflect the diverse musical tastes within the Chelsea team and highlight the global reach of different genres and artists.

The players’ endorsement of these songs also sheds light on the impact of music on athletes and how it can play a significant role in their motivation and mindset, both on and off the field. Music has the power to inspire, energize, and connect people from different backgrounds, and these footballers are no exception.

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Sterling’s openness about his favorite song further humanizes him as a professional athlete and shows that he enjoys and appreciates music just like any other person. It also serves as a way for fans to connect with him on a personal level and discover new music through his recommendations.

Asake’s “Amapiano” has gained popularity not only among footballers but also among music enthusiasts worldwide. The catchy beats and vibrant rhythms of the Amapiano genre have captured the attention of listeners and propelled Asake to greater recognition.

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Overall, the players’ sharing of their favorite songs highlights the intersection of sports and music, showcasing the influence and impact that music can have on athletes. It also serves as a reminder that music has the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together, regardless of their background or profession.