Chris Hemsworth Sets Himself on Fire for Intense Scene in ‘Extraction 2’: Questions His Actions

Chris Hemsworth

In the action-packed movie “Extraction 2,” actor Chris Hemsworth takes on a dangerous and intense scene that pushes the boundaries of his physical capabilities. The film, which is currently available for streaming on Netflix, features a staggering 21-minute fight sequence that showcases Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake, as a black ops mercenary facing extreme challenges.

During a prison break, Hemsworth’s character is caught in a nearby explosion, causing his hand to catch fire. Instead of panicking, Tyler Rake takes matters into his own hands and extinguishes the flames by punching the bad guys until they light up like Christmas trees. The scene was shot with the involvement of 400 extras, creating an atmosphere filled with excitement and danger.

Reflecting on the experience, Hemsworth admits to feeling a constant sense of fear during the filming of this scene. Despite the presence of a dedicated safety crew and extensive rehearsals by the stunt performers, the moment his arm caught fire, Hemsworth’s brain questioned the sanity of his actions. However, he trusted the team and the preparations made, allowing him to give an outstanding performance.

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The remarkable action sequence in “Extraction 2” goes beyond the prison break scene. The movie follows Tyler Rake’s mission to rescue a young woman and her children from a Georgian prison, where they are being held captive by a dangerous drug dealer. As the story unfolds, a jailyard riot breaks out, forcing Tyler to navigate through chaos and danger to ensure the safety of the family. The pursuit leads to a thrilling car chase through a forest and a heart-pounding showdown on top of a speeding train.

What makes this action sequence even more impressive is the way it is filmed and edited to create the illusion of one continuous shot. Director Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman himself, wanted to surpass the intensity of the first “Extraction” movie, which featured a 12-minute single-take action sequence. To achieve this, Hargrave and his team meticulously planned and rehearsed the scene for nearly five months. The sequence was filmed out of order at various locations and times of the day, making the editing process incredibly challenging.

One of the scariest challenges for Hemsworth was standing on a fast-moving train, going 50 mph, and shooting at a helicopter in the sky just 20 feet away. To ensure the actor’s safety, a walkway was constructed on top of the train, allowing Hemsworth and the camera operator to move securely. Hemsworth recalls the heart-pounding excitement of performing the scene multiple times, with his heart rate soaring each time. Unlike many action sequences that rely heavily on special effects, the majority of what audiences see on screen in “Extraction 2” actually happened during filming, adding a genuine and visceral element to the movie.

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Although there were some digital effects used, such as when Tyler shoots down a helicopter, the production team aimed to maintain authenticity and realism in the action sequences. The decision to execute the stunts practically, rather than relying solely on computer-generated imagery, was driven by Hemsworth’s commitment to delivering an authentic experience to the audience.

The dedication and efforts put into creating the action-packed scenes in “Extraction 2” paid off with the success of the first film. “Extraction” became one of Netflix’s most-watched movies, leading to high expectations for its sequel. Hemsworth acknowledges the pressure and acknowledges that there is a possibility of a third film. If that happens, both Hemsworth and Hargrave might be challenged to take the action to even greater heights. The idea of shooting an entire film as a single continuous shot has been discussed, demonstrating the ambition and creativity that Hemsworth and the team bring to the franchise.

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After intense days of shooting, Hemsworth found solace in watching episodes of the HBO series “Succession.” However, he humorously admits that it didn’t always have a relaxing effect on him. Hemsworth’s dedication to his craft and willingness to push his limits is evident in his commitment to delivering thrilling performances.

In “Extraction 2,” Chris Hemsworth impresses with his acting abilities and fearless approach to performing daring stunts. The film provides audiences with adrenaline-pumping action and a thrilling cinematic experience. With its success, the possibilities for the franchise are wide open, and fans can eagerly anticipate what Tyler Rake’s next adventure might bring.