Chris Minns shares his off-putting habit that turns off his wife Anna

Chris Minns

Chris Minns, a 43-year-old politician, recently opened up about an amusing but vexing habit that tends to irritate his wife, Anna. According to Mr. Minns, whenever they watch comedic TV shows or movies together, he has a tendency to pause the content to appreciate and enjoy the jokes. This act of interrupting the flow of the show to have a good laugh has driven Anna up the wall, leading to some lighthearted banter between the couple.

The revelation came to light during an interview on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, where Chris Minns was discussing his quirky behaviors at home behind closed doors. Hosts Ryan Fitzgerald, Michael Wipfli, and Kate Ritchie were intrigued to hear about the annoying habits the politician might have. That’s when Minns confessed his penchant for pausing the entertainment to have a laugh.

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Fitzy, one of the radio hosts, suggested that while it’s great to enjoy the jokes, he could still do so without pressing the pause button. However, Minns defended his actions, expressing that he wanted to savor every humorous moment to its fullest. Kate, another host, humorously asked if he was sitting on a beanbag in fits of laughter. To which Minns replied that he indeed found himself in that very scenario, sharing a good laugh while watching Netflix’s “The In-Laws.”

Wippa, still trying to grasp the concept, asked if Minns paused the show right after each joke, and he confirmed this to be true. He further explained that during a dinner party, Anna expressed her displeasure with his habit. In an attempt to defend himself, Minns innocently explained that he paused the show to make sure his wife didn’t miss any of the humor. However, it seemed Anna wasn’t too thrilled with his reasoning.

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Despite this amusing habit, Chris Minns has had a successful political career. He secured a landslide victory during the NSW state election, which caught many by surprise. It was expected that he might have to form a minority government with support from other parties, but he surpassed expectations and earned a decisive majority mandate to become the 47th Premier of NSW.

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Before diving into politics, Minns took on a different role as a stay-at-home dad to his three boys, allowing Anna to focus on her career as a business owner and former public prosecutor. His victory in the election was a significant achievement, and he now looks forward to serving as Premier with his characteristic humor and determination. As for the occasional pause for laughter, it might be something Anna will have to tolerate as part of their joyful journey together.