Christina Hall and her husband Josh enjoy a fancy night out at the premiere of the ‘Barbie’ movie (Exclusive).

Christina Hall

Christina Hall and her husband, Josh, had a special night out at the premiere of the ‘Barbie’ movie. Christina is participating in the upcoming HGTV show called ‘Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.’ She believes that she and her teammate, James Bender, will win the competition. Christina is thrilled about transforming the dream closet and describes it as an incredible and glamorous room.

She enjoys being involved in the production side of her shows and is grateful for the opportunity. She is excited about the upcoming fifth season of ‘Christina on the Coast’ and the potential return of ‘Christina in the Country.’ Despite the challenges of being in front of the camera and part of the production team, Christina embraces the opportunity and enjoys a good challenge. She maintains a positive outlook and believes that everything will turn out amazing.

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Just before the premiere, Josh surprised Christina with a luxurious gift: a white Bentley convertible worth $240,000. Christina expressed her excitement and gratitude, sharing a photo of the car adorned with a big red bow on her Instagram Story.

The couple looked stunning together at the premiere, and Josh posted a heartfelt tribute to Christina on Instagram, praising her accomplishments and expressing his love and admiration for her. They are both excited about their future together.

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As Christina enters her 40s, she looks forward to a more settled and enjoyable life. She wants to slow down and savor the moments. Josh agrees with her sentiment and promises to follow her lead. He plans to accompany her at a slower pace, supporting her in her new chapter.

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The ‘Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge’ will premiere on July 16 at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV. Christina’s participation in the show and her glamorous date night at the movie premiere have brought joy and excitement to her life, making her milestone birthday even more memorable.