‘City on Fire’ Cast Adds Personal Touches for Authenticity in Bringing Characters to Life.

City on Fire

Wyatt Oleff, Chase Sui Wonders, Ashley Zukerman, and their co-stars in the Apple TV+ series “City on Fire” have shared how they brought personal elements to their roles. The show, set in 2003 New York City, follows a group of characters connected to a shooting incident.

In the series, 19-year-old Oleff portrays Charlie, a young man who meets Samantha, played by Wonders. Samantha introduces Charlie to music, art, and the counterculture scene before she is shot in Central Park. Oleff, who has been acting since childhood, found it relatable to portray a character going through the transition to adulthood and navigating the complexities of the world.

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Wonders revealed that Samantha reminded her of strong female characters she admired in movies such as “Almost Famous” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Samantha may appear confident on the surface, but underneath, she is on a search for real connection and self-discovery.

Zukerman takes on the role of Keith, one of the suspects in Samantha’s shooting. Keith was having an affair with Samantha while being married. Jemima Kirke portrays Keith’s wife, Regan, who faces challenges in raising their children and dealing with her father’s business investigation. Kirke noted that Zukerman’s guidance helped her play Regan as someone who rightfully refuses to forgive Keith, despite his attempts to apologize.

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Zukerman believed that Keith’s involvement with Samantha, who was much younger, made his actions unforgivable. He saw it as a reflection of deeper issues within Keith and hoped it would lead to self-reflection and personal growth.

Regan’s strained relationship with her brother William, played by Nico Tortorella, is also explored in the series. William, a heroin addict, is the partner of Mercer, portrayed by Xavier Clyde. Mercer plans to stage an intervention for William, and their story delves into themes of love, addiction, and the challenges they face as a couple.

The actors emphasized that “City on Fire” touches on various social themes, including drugs, LGBTQ issues, and racism, but at its core, it is a human story about love and relationships. They believe that despite the labels, the show ultimately portrays the experiences and emotions of individuals.

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Tortorella shared that working on the series inspired them to pursue a new career prospect. Their character’s storyline involved recording an album, and Tortorella had the opportunity to work with producer Abe Seiferth. This experience motivated Tortorella to collaborate with Seiferth on their own music projects after the series wrapped.

In summary, the cast of “City on Fire” infused their performances with personal elements, exploring themes of love, self-discovery, and human connection amidst the backdrop of a shooting incident in 2003 New York City.