‘Claim to Fame’ Eliminated Star Opens Up About ‘Betrayal’ and Watching the Show with Famous Parent (Exclusive)


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Claim to Fame season 2 episode 4.

In a surprising turn of events on Claim to Fame season 2, Shayne’s elimination became one of the most shocking moments. However, the surprise was not due to her celebrity relative.

During the latest episode, the contestants continued to unravel the clues about Shayne’s famous family member. The clue card pointed towards an actor who portrayed Buckwheat and starred in Coming to America. While some of the cast members had already pieced together the puzzle, they didn’t anticipate who would ultimately be responsible for Shayne’s elimination.

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Despite building a strong friendship with Shayne throughout the season, fellow contestant Cole decided to target her during the elimination. He correctly guessed that Shayne’s father is none other than the acclaimed comedian and actor Eddie Murphy. The revelation left the entire house visibly stunned.

Although it was a shocking moment, Shayne had already foreseen the possibility of this outcome. She knew she was a favorite for elimination, being a sure-shot for many of the contestants. Despite her hopefulness, she was mentally prepared for the likelihood that Cole might pick her, even though they were friends.

The tension during the elimination was palpable, and the house was in disbelief. For Shayne, it felt like time had come to a standstill. She admitted that she was less surprised than others, as she had felt exposed from the very first episode. Throughout the show, she never felt entirely safe during eliminations, always mentally preparing for the possibility of being sent home.

The twist of Cole being the one to eliminate her caught many off guard, especially those who weren’t closely working with him. To them, it seemed like a significant betrayal.

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Despite the shocking elimination, Shayne handled the situation with composure. She was determined not to give the others the satisfaction of witnessing her break down. However, she and Cole later had a conversation about the decision, and they were able to resolve any hard feelings between them. Shayne understood that the show was a game, and emotions ran high due to the intense competition and pressure.

Beyond the show, Shayne shared her close relationship with her father, Eddie Murphy. She revealed that her decision to join Claim to Fame was a last-minute one, and she informed her father just two days before the filming started. Eddie was surprised but supportive of her choice. The Murphy family even watched the show together, and Eddie has been highly invested in it.

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Shayne expressed immense admiration for her father, describing him as not only an incredible comedian but also an inspiring and motivating figure. She emphasized that he has shown her that hard work and determination can lead to achieving one’s dreams. For Shayne, her father’s support and encouragement have been invaluable.