Collin Gosselin Opens Up About His Difficult Childhood: Mom Kate Gosselin Directed Her Anger Towards Him

Collin Gosselin

Collin Gosselin, known for appearing on the reality TV show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” has opened up about his strained relationship with his mother, Kate Gosselin. Collin, along with his sister Hannah, will be featured in a new series called “Dark Side of the 2000s,” where they discuss their experiences growing up on the show.

Collin and Hannah are two of the sextuplets from the Gosselin family, who became famous through their reality series. In the series, Collin reveals that he was not a perfect child but believes his misbehavior was no different from his siblings. He suggests that his mother took out her anger and frustration on him, possibly because she needed someone to direct her emotions towards.

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Hannah also shares her perspective, stating that Collin was treated differently from the rest of the siblings. He was often separated from them, not allowed to play outside or have meals at the same time. She feels that efforts were not made in the home to teach him about acceptable behavior.

Collin and Hannah currently live with their father, Jon Gosselin, while their other siblings live with their mother. Jon confirms that he only has a relationship with Hannah and Collin, and though the estrangement from the other children was difficult initially, he has chosen not to dwell on it.

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Despite the strained relationships, both Jon and Kate attended their children’s high school graduation, although they did not interact much. Collin and Hannah shared their graduation posts on Instagram, expressing gratitude to their family members and sharing their plans for the future.

Collin thanked his sister Hannah and his father for their support, and he also mentioned Colleen Conrad, Jon’s ex-girlfriend, who has been a positive influence in his life. He revealed that he plans to join the Marine Corps and relocate to Parris Island, South Carolina. Hannah, on the other hand, shared a photo of her graduation cap with the caption “On to the next.”

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The article sheds light on the complex family dynamics within the Gosselin family and the challenges faced by Collin and Hannah growing up in the public eye. It highlights their openness in discussing their experiences and their hopes for the future.