Comedian Matt Rife Talks About Not Being Attractive and Wearing Socks with Flip-Flops

Matt Rife

When it comes to the world of comedy, the term “hot comedian” may seem contradictory to some. However, Matt Rife, a 27-year-old performer, believes that he is anything but hot. Despite the disagreement of his millions of fans, Rife sees himself as more than meets the eye. In a recent interview before his New York tour stop, he revealed that he is actually an incredibly introverted person, which contrasts with his outgoing stage persona.

While Rife may appear confident and comfortable on stage, he explained that it is part of the job to exude that power and energy. For him, performing feels like hosting a big hangout rather than a formal show. It’s all about creating a connection with the audience and making them feel like they’re part of the party.

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When it comes to his fashion choices, Rife likes to stand out on a big stage. For large theater shows, he prefers something that pumps him up and makes him feel more noticeable as a small target on a grand stage. However, in everyday life, he keeps it simple with blue jeans, a white or black t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers that tie the outfit together.

The conversation continued, touching on various topics such as Rife’s insecurities, the challenges of dating, his wellness routine, and more. Rife emphasized that he doesn’t put much thought into his appearance compared to when he was younger. Nowadays, he prefers a more relaxed style, often sporting basic tank tops or t-shirts with open button-up shirts, retro-fitted jeans, and sneakers. He mentioned his newfound love for low-top sneakers and his disdain for flip flops and loafers. In fact, he strongly believes that wearing shoes without socks is unacceptable and quite repulsive.

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Despite his fame and popularity, Rife doesn’t consider himself conventionally attractive. While he acknowledges that others may find him attractive, he personally doesn’t see it when comparing himself to other men whom he considers conventionally attractive. He humbly views himself as better than average-looking but not in the same league as those men.

Regarding his comedic style, Rife has gravitated towards storytelling rather than traditional joke writing. He draws inspiration from his own life experiences, whether it’s with friends or relationships, and builds his comedy routines around those stories. It took some time for him to discover his preferred style, but two particularly funny stories resonated with him and flowed naturally on stage, leading him to embrace storytelling as his comedic niche.

When it comes to crowd work during his shows, Rife likes to interact with audience members who pique his interest rather than focusing on the obvious and obnoxious individuals. He believes that the most interesting outcomes arise from unpredictable interactions with diverse audience members.

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Beyond his career, Rife shared his insecurities about job security in the entertainment industry, where everything is uncertain and success is never guaranteed. He also expressed his desire for a stable personal life and a loving family. However, the demands of his touring schedule make it challenging to maintain relationships and fulfill the responsibilities of a committed partner. This uncertainty sometimes leads him to question what his home life will be like in the next five years.

In terms of wellness, Rife finds solace in a good fitness space, particularly a boxing gym, which he considers a lifesaver. He also enjoys spa experiences, particularly cold plunges and saunas, which provide numerous benefits for his muscles, mental health, and metabolism. As someone who doesn’t consume caffeine, he relies on cold plunges to boost his energy and start his day refreshed.

Matt Rife may not see himself as a “hot comedian,” but his unique personality, style, and approach to comedy have garnered him a loyal fanbase and success in his career. As he embarks on his big tour and continues to refine his craft, this is just the beginning for him.