Comedy Duo in Catsuits Break Guinness World Record on Mount Everest

Comedy Duo

Comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, also known as the Scummy Mummies, have achieved a remarkable feat by setting a Guinness World Record for the highest altitude stand-up comedy gig. Their performance took place on Mount Everest, where they donned eye-catching gold catsuits.

At an elevation of 17,417 feet (5,309 meters) at Sagarmatha, Solukhumbu, Mount Everest in Nepal, the duo entertained an audience composed of fellow climbers, mountaineers, and curious Sherpas. Despite facing some unexpected challenges, such as having to perform the 30-minute set 70 meters lower than planned due to the effects of global warming, Gibson and Thorn managed to find a suitable location to secure the record on March 29.

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The conditions during the gig were demanding, with freezing temperatures both for the comedians and their audience. However, the crowd was supportive and cheered them on, making the experience truly remarkable and unforgettable.

Gibson expressed her awe at the breathtaking view of Mount Everest under the starry night sky. She described the experience as being on another planet, with the glacier shimmering in the moonlight. Amidst the excitement, exhaustion, and the need to battle the cold and maintain their energy, Gibson had a moment to reflect on the magnitude of their achievement.

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The comedy duo faced challenges such as altitude sickness, sleep deprivation, and the sudden departure of their initial audience due to an emergency airlift. Despite these obstacles, they remained determined to achieve the record, which not only marked 10 years of their successful business partnership but also celebrated their enduring friendship.

In addition to their record-breaking achievement, the comedians raised over £15,000 from their endeavor. The funds will be donated to Borne, a medical research charity dedicated to preventing premature births and improving outcomes for both mothers and babies. Gibson, a mother herself, understands the challenges and uncertainties that come with a premature birth. Through their fundraising efforts, the duo aims to support vital research that can make a difference in the lives of families facing similar circumstances.

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Borne’s CEO, David Badcock, expressed pride and gratitude for the exceptional fundraising achievements of Gibson and Thorn. He emphasized the significance of their contribution in advancing research and improving the well-being of mothers and babies. The funds raised will be utilized to further the organization’s mission of putting an end to premature birth globally.

Overall, the comedy duo’s extraordinary performance on Mount Everest not only earned them a Guinness World Record but also served as a platform to raise awareness and support for an important cause.