Danny Elfman Faces Lawsuit with Past Sexual Misconduct Allegations and Settlement

Danny Elfman

A lawsuit from 2018 against Danny Elfman, the Grammy-winning composer for TV and film, has resurfaced due to missed payments in the settlement agreement. Musician and composer Nomi Abadi filed a lawsuit against Elfman, alleging he didn’t pay $85,000 of their $830,000 settlement agreement.

The lawsuit alleges that Elfman exposed himself to Abadi and masturbated in front of her without consent on multiple occasions. Elfman missed two payments of $42,500, which puts him in breach of contract.

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In response to the lawsuit, Elfman denied any wrongdoing and stated that the allegations were false. He explained that he allowed someone to get close to him without knowing their intentions, and when he rejected them, they made false accusations against him.

Nomi Abadi, who founded the Female Composer Safety League, a nonprofit supporting survivors of sexual harassment, spoke out against sexual predators in the music industry at a news conference. She dreams of an industry free from sexual predators and called for respect for all women.

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Elfman’s lawyer discredited his denial of wrongdoing, pointing out that it contradicts his stance during the original dispute. Danny Elfman, known for his work on Tim Burton’s films, has had a successful career as a composer, earning numerous Grammy nominations and awards.

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Despite the resurfaced lawsuit and allegations, Elfman maintains that he did nothing indecent or wrong, and his lawyers are prepared to prove the accusations false. The legal battle continues as both parties stand firm on their positions.