Dave Annable Shares Excitement to Stay for ‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Despite Taylor’s Hesitation

Dave Annable

Dave Annable is part of Taylor Sheridan’s latest drama, Special Ops: Lioness, which is available on Paramount Plus. Fans of the Yellowverse will recognize Annable, as he previously played Lee Dutton in the popular series Yellowstone, making a significant impact despite appearing in only three episodes.

When approached to join Special Ops: Lioness, Annable was excited about the opportunity but also had some reservations. He expressed his desire to stick around for a more extended period in the new show compared to his limited role in Yellowstone. However, Sheridan, the creative mind behind the project, teased Annable by saying that he has a face he wants to “kill” in the series.

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This playful remark left Annable somewhat anxious about his character’s fate, unsure of how long he would actually last in the show. He knows that in the world of filmmaking, anything is possible, and clever storytelling techniques can make a character appear to be present for longer than their actual screen time. Despite this uncertainty, IMDb lists Annable as part of all eight episodes of Lioness, giving hope to fans that his character will have a more substantial presence in the series.

Annable’s excitement about being part of Lioness remains undeterred. He holds Taylor Sheridan in high regard, describing him as one of the best and most authentic voices in the entertainment industry. This admiration for Sheridan’s talent and storytelling prowess is evident in Annable’s eagerness to work with him on this new project.

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Special Ops: Lioness premiered its first episode on Paramount Plus, and subsequent episodes are set to release every Sunday on the streaming platform. For fans who are already subscribed to Paramount Plus, the second episode is readily available for viewing.

The show promises to be a thrilling ride, and Annable’s involvement adds to the anticipation among viewers. While his character’s fate may be uncertain, the prospect of seeing Annable’s talent on display once again is reason enough for excitement.

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As the drama unfolds and Lioness takes viewers on a captivating journey, audiences will eagerly follow Annable’s character arc and the twists and turns of the plot. With Taylor Sheridan at the helm and a talented cast that includes Dave Annable, Special Ops: Lioness has all the makings of a gripping and unforgettable series.