Dave Meltzer Predicted CM Punk’s Return to Wrestling, but Not with AEW

Dave Meltzer

Following CM Punk’s highly publicized outburst and the ensuing backstage altercation at AEW All Out, many wrestling pundits speculated about the future of the renowned wrestler. However, for long-time journalist Dave Meltzer, there was always an unwavering belief that CM Punk would make a return to professional wrestling in some capacity.

While Meltzer couldn’t accurately predict which promotion Punk would ultimately join, he emphasized one crucial factor during his recent appearance on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet.” Meltzer stated, “I wasn’t 100% certain he would return to AEW, but I knew he would be back wrestling somewhere. People in WWE believed they wouldn’t take him, but it was irrelevant because Tony [Khan] wouldn’t release him. I always thought he would be back, and it’s likely in AEW. The actual circumstances unfolded differently than I expected, but the outcome remains the same. Punk can draw, and someone with his drawing power will always get an opportunity until their career is on the decline. That’s the bottom line.”

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CM Punk made his highly anticipated return to the wrestling scene during the inaugural episode of “AEW Collision,” which was held in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. The show commenced with a captivating in-ring promo delivered by Punk himself, followed by his participation in a thrilling six-man match that headlined the event.

The buzz surrounding CM Punk’s comeback undoubtedly contributed to the success of “AEW Collision’s” premiere, attracting a viewership of over 800,000. Fans were eagerly awaiting Punk’s return, and the ratings reflected their excitement and anticipation.

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Despite the controversy surrounding his previous departure from professional wrestling, CM Punk’s return has sparked immense interest and ignited a renewed passion among fans. His popularity and ability to draw audiences are undeniable factors that have solidified his place in the wrestling world.

As CM Punk continues to make his presence felt in AEW, fans eagerly await his future performances and storylines. His return has injected a fresh energy into the promotion and has undoubtedly elevated the anticipation and excitement surrounding AEW’s upcoming events.

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While the exact details of CM Punk’s wrestling journey may have unfolded differently than anticipated, one thing is certain: his return has reignited the passion and interest of wrestling fans worldwide. As he continues to showcase his talents in AEW, the wrestling world eagerly awaits what lies ahead for the enigmatic and highly influential CM Punk.