DJ Michael Bibi shares news of brain cancer diagnosis: Apologizes for delivering unfortunate update

DJ Michael Bibi

British DJ and producer, Michael Bibi, recently shared some news about his health on Instagram. He revealed that he has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called CNS lymphoma, which affects the brain and spinal cord. Bibi explained that the cancer is progressing quickly, and he will have to start treatment immediately while staying in the hospital.

Before receiving his diagnosis, Bibi had been updating his fans about his health. In a video posted on May 17, he mentioned experiencing tinnitus and undergoing various tests. It was then discovered that he had a neurological problem in his brain and brain stem, although the exact nature of the issue was still unclear. Bibi expressed his hope for answers and treatment so he could get back to doing what he loves.

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Despite the difficult news, Bibi remained positive in his Instagram post. He acknowledged that it didn’t feel real and apologized for sharing the bad news. However, he assured his followers that he is strong and won’t let the cancer defeat him. He expressed his determination to come back even stronger for his fans.

Michael Bibi, who hails from London, has made a significant impact in the world of electronic dance music with his musical creations. One of his notable achievements was the viral success of his track “Hanging Tree” in 2018. The song sampled the popular Jennifer Lawrence hit from “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1” soundtrack.

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Bibi’s revelation about his cancer diagnosis has prompted an outpouring of support and well wishes from his fans and the music community. Many have expressed their admiration for his strength and resilience, and they are rallying behind him as he begins his treatment.

It remains to be seen how Bibi’s health journey will progress, but his determination and positive mindset are inspiring. The music industry and his fans will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting his return, hoping to see him back on stage doing what he loves. In the meantime, the focus is on supporting Bibi during this challenging time and sending him positive energy for his treatment and recovery.

We will continue to keep Michael Bibi in our thoughts and wish him the very best in his battle against CNS lymphoma.

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