Doja Cat fires back with fiery rap single ‘Attention

Doja Cat

Doja Cat, known for her pop music, has released a new rap single titled “Attention,” keeping her promise to explore different genres. The song, which dropped on Friday, begins with a harp sound and features Doja Cat singing softly over a drumbeat. In the accompanying music video, she can be seen wandering the streets of Los Angeles.

The pre-chorus of the song has Doja Cat singing about the desire for attention, saying, “Baby, if you like it, just reach out and pet it. This one doesn’t bite, it doesn’t get aggressive.” She continues with lyrics that emphasize the need for attention rather than love.

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In the first verse, she addresses her decision to leave the Weeknd’s tour, mentioning that she had to redirect her focus. She also references comments from fans and critics, indicating that she has made peace with their opinions. In the second verse, she raps about the entertainment value of feuds between musicians and how people often enjoy seeing others fail.

The music video for “Attention,” directed by Tanu Muino, has surreal elements. It shows Doja Cat in various scenes, wearing a white tee, jeans, and a leather jacket. She encounters fans and people wearing strange flesh-colored masks on the streets of Los Angeles. The video also includes glimpses of Doja Cat in the nude, drenched in what appears to be blood.

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Doja Cat has been dropping hints about the song on Twitter, sharing blood-splattered single art and using the drop of blood emoji in her posts. These clues have sparked curiosity among her fans. She has also discussed the album she is working on, expressing her intention to incorporate more hip-hop and rap influences. She mentioned being inspired by artists like Erykah Badu and John Coltrane, as well as ’90s hip-hop.

In recent months, Doja Cat has made playful comments about her previous music, calling her albums “cash-grabs” and stating that she wants to move away from pop. However, she continues to experiment with different genres and maintain her artistic growth. Despite her lighthearted remarks, she remains dedicated to creating music that resonates with her and her audience.

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“Attention” is Doja Cat’s first solo release of the year, following her collaboration with SZA on the “Kill Bill” remix. She is working on a new album and is currently deciding on the final title. While she has made jokes about changing her stage name and explored unconventional song titles, Doja Cat’s focus remains on creating music that reflects her evolving artistic vision.