Dylan Dreyer’s Exciting Career News Delights ‘Today’ Fans with Happiness and Celebration.

Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer, a popular broadcast journalist known for her work on the Today show, is not only a familiar face on television but also an accomplished children’s book author. Recently, she delighted her fans by announcing the upcoming release of her third book in the Misty the Cloud series. The new book, titled Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air, is set to hit the shelves on May 2.

Dylan took to Instagram to share her excitement with her followers. In a heartwarming video, she opened a box containing copies of her new book alongside her oldest son, Calvin. She revealed that Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air is not only a new addition to her beloved series but also part of Penguin Random House’s popular Step Into Reading program.

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In her Instagram post, Dylan expressed her immense pride in the new book, particularly because she incorporated science into the story. She emphasized that the book is designed as a level 2 reader in the Step Into Reading series, allowing children to engage with the text using familiar words while also encountering new ones with the help of parents or caregivers. She encouraged her followers to explore all the books in the Misty the Cloud series.

Fans flooded the comment section with messages of congratulations and support for Dylan’s achievements. Many admired her dedication as a hardworking mom and expressed their excitement to purchase the new book for their own children. The prospect of young readers being able to enjoy Misty’s adventures and read the book independently was particularly well-received.

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Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air promises an engaging and educational experience for young readers. The book takes Misty and her friends on a joyful journey to the Sea Breeze Carnival, where they embark on a thrilling ride on the updraft. Dylan hinted at the incorporation of science into the story, suggesting that children might gain insights into the workings of weather as they join Misty on her exciting summer adventure.

Parents can look forward to sharing Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air with their preschool and early elementary school-aged children. The book’s recommended reading level encompasses preschoolers up to first-grade students and beyond. With its simple vocabulary, short sentences, and entertaining storyline, the book aims to captivate young readers while nurturing their love for reading and expanding their knowledge.

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Dylan Dreyer’s dedication to both her broadcasting career and her passion for children’s literature shines through in Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air. With her latest book, she continues to inspire young minds, ignite their curiosity, and instill a love of reading. The release of Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air is eagerly anticipated by fans and families alike, as they eagerly await another enchanting adventure with Misty and her friends.