Ed Sheeran opens up about Eminem’s role in overcoming his stutter

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran recently spoke about his experience with stuttering as a child and how he overcame it with an unexpected source of inspiration.

The singer revealed that he developed the stutter after a procedure to remove a birthmark on his face went wrong when he was very young. The pain and trauma from the procedure affected his nervous system and caused him to stutter.

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During an interview with Howard Stern, Sheeran explained how he found a way to overcome his stutter with the help of Eminem’s music. At the age of 9, his uncle gave him Eminem’s album “The Marshall Mathers LP” and encouraged him to listen to it. Sheeran’s father didn’t realize the significance but allowed him to explore the music.

By repeatedly listening to and rapping along with Eminem’s songs, Sheeran was able to improve his speech and eventually overcome his stutter. He described how he would practice by rapping the album back-to-back, which gradually cured his stuttering.

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Interestingly, Sheeran’s journey has come full circle as he has now collaborated with Eminem on songs and developed a friendship with him over the years.

In the past, Sheeran has shared his experience and advice regarding stuttering. At a benefit gala for the American Institute for Stuttering in 2015, he encouraged people to embrace their uniqueness and not see their stutter as a burden. He emphasized the importance of seeking treatment and working through the challenges while pushing forward in life.

Sheeran’s story serves as an inspiration to others who may be struggling with speech impediments or any form of adversity. It highlights the power of finding unconventional methods to overcome obstacles and the potential for unexpected connections and achievements along the way.

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Overall, Sheeran’s journey from struggling with stuttering to becoming a successful musician and collaborating with his childhood inspiration, Eminem, showcases the transformative power of perseverance, self-belief, and the support of others.