Ed Sheeran reflects on losing his youth with the loss of Jamal Edwards

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran reflects on the impact of losing his best friend Jamal Edwards and how it marked the beginning of his adult life.

The popular 32-year-old singer-songwriter was devastated by the deaths of Jamal Edwards, the founder of SBTV who played a crucial role in his career, and cricketing legend Shane Warne. These losses made him realize that the day he started grieving his friend was the day he entered adulthood and faced the challenges of real life.

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In an interview with exercise bike brand Peloton, Ed shared his realization that the experience of losing someone close is a defining moment of adulthood, saying, “That’s when adulting begins, that’s when real-life s*** begins.”

Ed acknowledges that he was fortunate not to have experienced significant loss until he reached adulthood, as going through such experiences at a young age can be especially cruel and mark the end of one’s youth.

Since the losses, Ed has been there for his friends and family, including his mother, Imogen, and has become more understanding when they open up about their own grief. He appreciates the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level and be a source of support.

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Grieving while raising his two-year-old daughter, Lyra, and his 13-month-old daughter, Jupiter, with his wife Cherry Seaborn has brought a mix of emotions. Ed acknowledges that children can experience joy and sadness simultaneously, and as a parent, he accompanies them on their emotional journey.

In response to his grief, Ed channeled his emotions into his latest album, ‘Subtract’. He also reveals that there are additional, more melancholic songs that didn’t make it onto the album but that he plans to release in the future.

In addition to the personal losses, Ed and his wife faced another challenge when she discovered she had a tumor while pregnant with their youngest daughter. These experiences have undoubtedly shaped Ed’s perspective on life and added depth to his creative expression.

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Through it all, Ed Sheeran continues to navigate the complexities of adulthood, finding solace in music and cherishing the precious moments with his loved ones.