Eddie Hearn Shares Who Devin Haney Wants to Fight Next: He Reached Out to Me

Eddie Hearn

Devin Haney, the current lightweight champion, has set his sights on his next opponent. Despite the controversy surrounding the scorecards in his recent fight, Haney is still recognized as the undisputed lightweight champion following a close unanimous decision win over Vasiliy Lomachenko last month.

Initially, it was expected that Haney would remain in the lightweight division and face either Shakur Stevenson or Gervonta Davis in his next fight. However, Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed a change in plans. Hearn disclosed that Haney expressed his desire to move up in weight and challenge Regis Prograis for his WBC super lightweight title.

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During an interview on the DAZN Boxing Show, Hearn shared that Haney personally contacted him to discuss his aspirations. Haney wants to move up to the super lightweight division and pursue a fight against Prograis. Hearn acknowledged Haney’s request but also cautioned him about the potential risks involved in moving up a weight class.

One of the risks Haney faces is potentially losing his status as the undisputed lightweight champion. Hearn emphasized that part of Haney’s value lies in his undisputed status, and moving up in weight could compromise that. However, despite the risks, Haney remains determined to take on the challenge and capture the WBC super lightweight title.

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Fortunately for Haney, Prograis has also expressed interest in the matchup. Hearn mentioned that Prograis has a fight scheduled against Danielito Zorrilla on June 17th but is open to facing Haney afterwards. Hearn believes that with the right negotiations and agreements, the fight between Haney and Prograis can become a reality.

While this may not be the anticipated or desired fight for Haney’s next bout, it is still an exciting prospect. Regis Prograis is highly regarded as one of the top fighters in the 140-pound division, adding an extra layer of prestige to the potential matchup. The fight would provide an opportunity for Haney to prove himself in a new weight class and further solidify his standing as a formidable boxer.

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However, this decision by Haney also raises questions about the future of the lightweight division. With Haney potentially moving up in weight, it leaves a void in the lightweight division and raises speculation about who will emerge as the successor to Haney’s throne.

In conclusion, Devin Haney’s desire to challenge Regis Prograis for the WBC super lightweight title signifies his ambition to test his skills in a new weight class. While there are risks involved, Haney remains resolute in pursuing the fight. With Prograis also expressing interest, boxing fans can look forward to a potential showdown between two talented fighters. The outcome of this matchup could have implications not only for Haney’s career but also for the future landscape of the lightweight division.