Elisabeth Shue shares update on brother Andrew after Amy Robach divorce & TJ Holmes scandal

Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue, the sister of Andrew Shue, recently provided an update on how her brother is doing in the aftermath of his ex-wife Amy Robach’s divorce and her relationship with T.J. Holmes. According to Elisabeth, Andrew is doing well and is in a positive state.

Amy Robach, known for her work on television, was previously married to Andrew Shue for 12 years. However, their marriage came to an end, and news of Amy’s romance with former Good Morning America co-anchor T.J. Holmes became public knowledge. This scandalous situation created a lot of attention and speculation.

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Elisabeth Shue, who is an actress known for her role in the film Adventures in Babysitting, spoke about her brother Andrew during the premiere of The Good Half at the Tribeca Festival. She expressed that he is doing great, giving assurance that he is coping well with the situation.

Andrew Shue, who is now 56 years old, and Amy Robach, who is 50, finalized their divorce in March after the scandal emerged in November of the previous year. While allegations of an affair between Amy and T.J. Holmes circulated, sources insisted that there was no impropriety involved. However, both Amy and T.J. faced consequences for their actions, as they were removed from their positions on the show. T.J. Holmes also ended his marriage with attorney Marilee Fiebeg. Amy and Andrew have a daughter named Sabine together, and their focus has likely been on co-parenting during this time.

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Insiders close to the situation clarified that Amy and T.J.’s relationship started after they had both separated from their respective spouses. They broke up with their partners in August, only weeks apart from each other. Despite this clarification, it was reported that Amy and Andrew had ongoing issues leading up to their separation. Andrew had reportedly moved out before their divorce was legally finalized, suggesting that their marriage was already on the rocks.

While rumors of an affair between Amy and T.J. had circulated for some time, some believed that their connection was purely based on friendship. People close to the situation pointed out that there was chemistry between them, which fueled the speculations. However, both Amy and T.J. maintained that they were happily married during that period.

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Amy Robach and Andrew Shue got married in 2010. Amy had two daughters, Ava (19) and Analise (15), from her previous marriage to Tim McIntosh. The couple formed a blended family and faced challenges throughout their 12-year marriage.

In summary, Elisabeth Shue’s update on her brother Andrew Shue indicates that he is doing well following his divorce from Amy Robach and her subsequent relationship with T.J. Holmes. The divorce settlement was finalized in March, and while rumors of an affair swirled, it was clarified that Amy and T.J.’s relationship began after their respective separations. The focus now is on co-parenting and moving forward after the end of Amy and Andrew’s 12-year marriage.