Emile Hirsch: Reflecting on Regrets, Love for Adventure, and Being Cautious in Hollywood

Emile Hirsch

Emile Hirsch, known for his roles in films like “Into the Wild” and “Speed Racer,” recently opened up about his career, personal struggles, and love for movies in an interview with The Guardian.

Hirsch shared his experience working on the action film “Pursuit,” where he played a character who kidnaps a family. He described the movie as incredibly silly but enjoyable due to its relentless insanity. Hirsch’s character, Rick, was erratic and covered in face tattoos, with much of his dialogue improvised on the spot. Despite the unconventional nature of the film, Hirsch had fun with the role, even incorporating an impression of Elon Musk into his performance.

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Reflecting on his career, Hirsch acknowledged that it has been divided into two parts: independent films and straight-to-streaming action movies. He expressed his love for movies and his passion for the art form, even if some of the films he has been a part of were not critically acclaimed.

The interview also touched upon a dark moment in Hirsch’s life when he assaulted a female film executive during the Sundance Film Festival in 2015. Hirsch expressed remorse for his actions and acknowledged the impact it had on his career. He emphasized the importance of personal growth, therapy, and learning from past mistakes.

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Hirsch discussed his early years in Hollywood, where he was cautious about the darker side of the industry and wary of partying. He admired actor River Phoenix and felt a responsibility to learn from his tragic story. Hirsch’s commitment to his craft was evident in his performance in “Into the Wild,” where he dedicated himself to the role of Chris McCandless, shedding weight and immersing himself in the character.

At present, Hirsch is focused on maintaining his health and well-being. He mentioned his desire to start weightlifting again and prioritize his physical fitness. He has a son named Valor, who briefly appeared in “Pursuit” but did not show much interest in pursuing acting.

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As he approaches his late thirties, Hirsch recognizes that his time for physically demanding roles may be limited. However, he remains open to new adventures and is eager to make the most of his career while he can.

Overall, the interview with Emile Hirsch provided insights into his career choices, personal growth, and love for movies. It showcased his willingness to learn from past mistakes and his dedication to his craft.