Erykah Badu brings electrifying energy to the ‘X’ on the ‘Unfollow Me’ Tour

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu, the legendary R&B and neo-soul singer from the ’90s, continues to showcase her incredible talent and lasting impact on the music scene. During her recent concert at the Xcel Energy Center as part of the “Unfollow Me” tour, Badu proved why she remains a force to be reckoned with.

Throughout the show, Badu mesmerized the audience with her exceptional vocal command and captivating stage presence. Her setlist was filled with a string of hits that resonated with fans old and new.

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As the concert drew to a close, Badu’s performance of her timeless anthem “Tyrone” created a remarkable moment of unity among the audience, who were in awe of the spectacle they had just witnessed.

The evening began with an outstanding opening act by yasiin bey, an accomplished MC with a decorated career spanning back to the ’90s. Known for his classic albums like “Black on Both Sides,” bey proved to be a remarkable performer in addition to his skills as a rapper. His dynamic stage presence and fluid movements delighted the crowd, leaving no one in their seats by the end of his set. It was clear that bey’s talent as an opener perfectly complemented Badu’s neo-soul style.

Badu’s set began with a long and groovy instrumental segment played by her talented band. The anticipation built among the audience as they eagerly awaited her appearance on stage. When Badu finally emerged, the crowd erupted with excitement, and she immediately launched into her iconic hit, “On & On.” Starting with such a bold choice was a testament to Badu’s fearless approach to her craft. The set continued with a series of hits, including fan favorites from her albums “Baduizm” and “Mama’s Gun.”

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The band’s reinterpretations of Badu’s songs added a fresh and funky twist to her already mesmerizing discography. This, coupled with Badu’s consistently powerful vocals, created an unforgettable experience. The visual production was equally impressive, even by arena standards, providing a visually stunning backdrop that heightened the overall impact of the performance.

Whether it was a deep cut or a chart-topping hit, the crowd enthusiastically danced and sang along to every song. From casual fans to die-hard followers, every member of the audience left the venue feeling satisfied and fulfilled by Badu’s magnetic stage presence and undeniable talent.

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Erykah Badu’s performance at the Xcel Energy Center on the “Unfollow Me” tour solidified her status as an influential and iconic figure in the world of R&B and neo-soul. Her ability to captivate and engage an audience is a testament to her enduring artistry and the timeless appeal of her music. With her remarkable talent, Badu continues to leave a lasting impact on the music industry, and fans eagerly await her future endeavors.