Eva Mendes Describes Ryan Gosling as the ‘Best Actor I’ve Ever Collaborated With’

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes, the actress, shared a special message for her partner Ryan Gosling on Instagram. The couple, who met while filming The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011, usually keep their relationship private. Mendes expressed her admiration for Gosling, calling him the greatest actor she has ever worked with.

She posted pictures from their movie together and included a quote from Greta Gerwig’s recent interview in Rolling Stone. Gerwig described Gosling as a combination of iconic actors like Marlon Brando, Gene Wilder, John Barrymore, and John Travolta. Mendes thanked Gerwig for her support in the caption.

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Gerwig’s praise for Gosling comes before the release of the highly anticipated film Barbie, directed by Gerwig. Gosling plays the character of Ken, while Margot Robbie takes on the title role of Barbie. Mendes showed her support by sharing a teaser for the film on Instagram, along with Gerwig’s quote.

Mendes also shared her excitement about Gosling’s character in a previous Instagram post in June 2022. She described him as funny and good, expressing her enthusiasm for everyone to see his performance in the movie.

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Gosling returned the affection in a recent interview with GQ, where he shared that he knew from their first meeting that he wanted to have a family with Mendes. Before meeting Eva, he hadn’t thought about having kids, but being with her changed his perspective. During the filming of The Place Beyond the Pines, there were moments when they portrayed a family, and Gosling realized he didn’t want it to be pretend anymore.

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Overall, Mendes and Gosling support and appreciate each other’s work, both on and off the screen. They have built a strong bond and are excited about their respective projects in the entertainment industry.