Fan Returns Maisie Peters’ Witch’s Broom at Glastonbury, Reveals Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters

Maisie Peters, the talented 23-year-old singer-songwriter, had a delightful surprise at Glastonbury when a fan returned a witch’s broom to her. This special moment occurred during her debut performance on the Pyramid Stage at Worth Farm in Somerset. The timing couldn’t have been better as Maisie had just released her second album, titled “The Good Witch,” on the same day.

During an interview with the BBC, Maisie revealed the backstory behind the broom. She explained that during a previous gig in Kingston, she had asked the audience if anyone was attending Glastonbury. When a girl confirmed that she was, Maisie handed her the broom with a playful challenge: “Try and get this back to me. To Maisie’s surprise and delight, the fan not only accepted the broom but successfully returned it to her at Glastonbury, instantly becoming a legend in Maisie’s eyes.

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Maisie humorously mentioned that she imagined the fan had traveled all the way from Kingston upon Thames in southwest London on the broomstick itself. The fact that the fan went to such lengths to fulfill the playful request touched Maisie’s heart and left her feeling grateful for the dedication and support of her fans.

Reflecting on her first-ever performance on the iconic Pyramid Stage, Maisie described the experience as both “crazy” and a whirlwind. It happened so quickly that it felt like a blink of an eye. As a signed artist to Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records, Maisie was asked about any advice she received from Ed, who had previously headlined Glastonbury. Although she didn’t receive any specific Glastonbury advice, Maisie playfully joked that she would save it for when she eventually headlines the Pyramid Stage herself.

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Excitement filled Maisie’s voice as she shared her anticipation for watching other artists perform at the festival. She expressed particular enthusiasm for American singer Lizzo and the rock band Arctic Monkeys. Additionally, she expressed her hope of catching Sir Elton John’s performance on the final day of the festival, which held great significance for her.

Maisie’s debut studio album, “You Signed Up For This,” achieved remarkable success, reaching number two on the UK charts. Her talent and unique style have garnered her a dedicated fan base and recognition within the music industry.

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In conclusion, Maisie Peters experienced a heartwarming moment at Glastonbury when a fan returned her witch’s broom. This incident exemplified the strong connection between Maisie and her fans, highlighting their commitment and support. Maisie’s debut on the Pyramid Stage was a surreal and thrilling experience, and she eagerly looked forward to enjoying performances by other artists at the festival. With her infectious enthusiasm and undeniable talent, Maisie Peters continues to captivate audiences and make her mark in the music world.