Fans of ‘Harry Potter’ are sharing funny ‘rejected’ book titles on social media

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter book titles are known for their wordiness and their ability to provide hints about the content of the stories. While the process behind J.K. Rowling’s naming of these books remains a mystery, fans have taken it upon themselves to imagine rejected book titles that could have been official additions to the franchise.

In the spirit of the original titles, some fans have come up with interesting and convoluted ideas. They have extended the length of the titles and added humorous twists to them. Drawing inspiration from the existing titles, some fans have altered them in various ways to make them even more amusing.

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Others have taken cues from J.K. Rowling’s controversies as a source of inspiration for the rejected book titles. Rowling is known for her way with words, and given the revelation that Hermione was based on the author herself, fans found it fitting to use Rowling as a muse for potential book titles.

Exploring other characters in the Harry Potter universe has also sparked fans’ creativity when brainstorming rejected book titles. Questions arose about the true nature of the Dementors or what Dudley experienced during Harry’s wizarding adventures. Some fans pondered delving deeper into Severus Snape’s enduring affection for Lily Potter, even after her tragic death. These character-focused titles provided an opportunity for fans to imagine new stories within the beloved world of Harry Potter.

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One noteworthy contribution came from Time Magazine in 2007, when they offered six amazing ideas for Harry Potter’s future book installments. These included a thrilling plot involving the International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee caught in a sports cheating scandal and the Ministry of Magic collaborating with the muggle world to save the planet from global warming. These creative suggestions showcased the limitless possibilities and the imaginative power of Harry Potter fans.

Although there are currently no plans to release more Harry Potter books, the hashtag trend of rejected book titles could potentially inspire Warner Bros. as they name the upcoming Max reboot of the franchise. The upcoming Max adaptation of Harry Potter will follow an episodic format, dedicating each season to one of the books. Although the release date is unknown, it would be fun if producers incorporated fans’ ideas into official episodes names, adding an element of lightheartedness and silliness to the series.

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In conclusion, Harry Potter fans have displayed their creativity and humor by sharing rejected book titles on social media. These titles have ranged from extended and modified versions of the original titles to ones inspired by J.K. Rowling’s controversies and exploring other characters in the series. The playful nature of these rejected book titles reflects the enduring passion and imagination of the Harry Potter fandom.